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Web. Lyrics to 'Alles was zählt' by Namika. G Irgendwie kann ich`s nicht fühlen F Alles was zählt E mit Zahlen … While the show is set in Essen, filming takes place in Cologne. Unantastbar Alles Was Zählt Lyrics. In October 2007, this show and Unter Uns were part of the first-ever crossover of two soap operas in Germany, when characters from AWZ (Vanessa, Nina, and Tim) attended a concert by Mars from Unter Uns (episode 289); Mars later performed an impromptu concert at the No. 7" and banking; ex-wife of Maximilian (convenience marriage) and Oliver; left Essen for California after separating from Oliver, Personal assistant to Dr. Axel Schwarz at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; daughter of Dieter; niece of Manfred; cousin of Oliver; ex-girlfriend of Tim, Deniz and Axel; left to work for Male Function in California after realising there was no future with Axel, Ice-skating trainer at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; ex-boyfriend of Nadja and Lena; ex-lover of Diana; died in explosion while saving Lena from her father's nemesis, Skating choreographer at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; boyfriend of Stella; ex-boyfriend of Diana; ex-lover of Jenny; moved to Switzerland with Stella, Skater on the Steinkamp team; daughter of Anton; godchild of Marian; girlfriend of Lars; ex-lover of Deniz; moved to Switzerland for rehab after being involved in a car accident and then prematurely returning to training and paralyzing herself, Formerly the in-house doctor at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness", now works with an African aid organisation; son of Manfred; nephew of Dieter; cousin of Nina; husband of Céline: ex-husband of Nina; ex-boyfriend of Diana; moved to Australia with Céline, Cook at "No. The theme song, "Nie genug", is sung by Austrian singer Christina Stürmer; she returned with her band to perform two numbers for Ben and Isabelle's wedding, "Warum" (episode 1000) and "Juniherz" (episode 1001). 7" (café and bar), formerly ran the inline-courier service "Get It" and had a shady past as a safecracker; son of Melek; father of Deniz (with ex-wife Veronika); grandfather of Jonas; uncle of Can; ex-husband of Lena (married for immigration reasons and subsequently began dating); ex-boyfriend of Nadja and Jessica; ex-lover of Jenny; went back to Ağın to provide for his mother who is suffering from cancer, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; son of Rolf; ex-lover of Isabelle; one-night-stand of Letizia and Raquel; went to a dance academy in Zwickau, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; daughter of Janaina and Maximilian; grandchild of Simone; great-grandchild of Friederike; niece of Jenny and Vanessa; great-niece of Carmen; great-cousin of Michelle; ex-lover of Lukas; one-night-stand of Deniz and Felix; bleed to death by a shot of her father's nemesis Rafael Suarez, Inspector; father of Emilia; ex-husband of Tina; fell from a castle tower (by Richard's fault) during his wedding day, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; daughter of Helga; sister of Bea; girlfriend of Ben; ex-girlfriend of Lukas; died in a bus crash, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; widow of Joscha (sham marriage); one-night-stand of Felix and Ben; died in a bus crash, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; died in a bus crash, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; daughter of ??? 30 Nov. 2020. Erstausstrahlung. Alles was zählt Lyrics: Nächte vergehen und Träume verfliegen im Wind / Stunden lang wach in Gedanken an das, was man nicht hat / Probleme, Probleme und Unzufriedenheit / … Schuhmann and Philipp Reichenbach; half-sister of Isabelle and Tom; went to Munich, Former figure skater at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; daughter of Claudia and Peter; half-sister of Annette and Lena; cousin of Ronny; aunt of Maximilian; with Roman as her trainer, took third place at the Essen Cup shortly after signing on to the Steinkamp team; ex-girlfriend of Tom, Ben, Maximilian and Can; one-night-stand of Deniz; went to Augsburg, Bouncer at the club "A40", owner of "Multi-Friends"; nephew of Marian; cousin of Deniz (had sexual preferences to him); grandchild of Melek; ex-boyfriend of Zoé, Susi and Katja: ex-lover of Deniz; went to Turkey to present a game show, Student; daughter of Sonja and Thomas; sister of Leo; girlfriend of Paul; one-night-stand of Kevin; went on ahead to Berlin due to a problem in her and Sonja's new flat, Cleaning lady at "Multi-Friends", trainer at "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness"; mother of Leo and Flo; ex-wife of Thomas; went to Berlin to assume a new job as gymnastics leotard, DJane, partner of "Multi-Friends"; ex-wife of, Owner of "PommesSchranke", partner of "Multi-Friends"; daughter of Helga; sister of Julia; ex-wife of Ben; ex-girlfriend of Felix; ex-lover of Deniz; left Essen on account of her pregnancy by Ben to pay regard to his relationship with Iva, Controller of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness"; husband of Jenny; ex-boyfriend of Emma and Pia; one-night-stand of Brigitte; get arrested for misappropriation of funds, Bank clerk, partner of "Pumpwerk"; boyfriend of Kerstin; ex-boyfriend of Marie; one-night-stand of Pia; went to Salzburg after hearing that Kerstin is pregnant by him, Male nurse; son of Sonja and Thomas; brother of Flo; ex-boyfriend of Marie; one-night-stand of Isabelle and Michelle, left for Brasil with a fake identity provided by Maximilian, after being chased by the police for delivering heroin for Vincent, Manager of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness"; son of Simone; half-brother of Jenny and Vanessa; father of Letizia (by ex-girlfriend Janaina), Alexander (with Lena) and Sophia (with Isabelle); cousin of Juli and Michelle; nephew of Carmen; ex-husband Juli (convenience marriage), Céline, Lena and Isabelle; ex-boyfriend of Katja; ex-lover of Jenny; one-night-stand of Melanie; was convict erroneously for Erik's death and also for extortive abduction and attempted murder of Richard (at present prisoner on day-release), fled after his parole officer was killed in a fight with him and Vincent, with the latter putting evidence falsely pointing on him. [3] While their story was spotlighted, the "DeRo" storyline reached a wide international fanbase with over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube.[4]. Acker jeden Tag Lyrics: Ihr wisst Bescheid, ja / Acker' jeden Tag, acker' jeden Tag / Acker' jeden Tag / Acker' jeden Tag hart, hart, hart, hart für die Fam, ja / … Mit Zahlen konnt' ich noch nie, yeah Und immer wenn der Tag an mir vorbeirennt Merk' ich, wie sehr du mir fehlst Ich glaub', alles, was zählt Das kann man nicht zähl'n Die Armbanduhr hat jeden Schritt gezählt Sagt, ich soll schneller geh'n, sonst wird's zu spät Watch the video for Alles was zählt from Namika's Songpoeten IV [Explicit] for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Alles was zählt (All That Matters) is a German television soap opera first broadcast on RTL on 4 September 2006. Think you know music? Namika Alles was zählt Capo 3 [Intro] Am G F E Am Man gibt mir 81 Jahre hier G 50 Stundenwochen Arbeitstier F E Ich lächle so 13 Minuten pro Tag Am Nimm jeden zweiten Sommer Urlaub mit G krieg eins Komma fünf Kinder im Schnitt F E Und fünfundvierzigtausend Brutto im Jahr Ref. νικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 FAVORITE We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. In April 2010, another RTL crossover featured Helmut Orosz and Mehrzad Marashi from DSDS performing a duet in the No. Neben den üblichen Geschichten um Liebe, Leid und Intrigen kommen beim online Sehen von Alles was zählt aber auch Freunde des Tanzsports und des Eiskunstlaufs auf ihre Kosten, da die entsprechenden Szenen nicht wie so häufig von Laien, sondern von echten Profis gespielt werden. She fell in love with Julian Herzog, who signed her at the prestigious Steinkamp Sport and Wellness Center, run by the unscrupulous Steinkamp dynasty. Er beschreibt darin das Leben was ihn quält und sein Verhalten.   Diana remained in Essen until January 2009, when she left to join a skating centre in Halle. Bist du … Man gibt mir 81 Jahre hier / 50-Stunden-Wochen, Arbeitstier / Ich lächle so 13 Minuten pro Tag / Nehm' jeden zweiten Sommer Urlaub mit Jenny's boyfriend. 7 (episode 904). Lyrics to 'Alles dreht sich' by Kontra K. Alles dreht sich, alles dreht sich Alles dreht sich um dich Du bewegst dich, du bewegst dich Und alles dreht sich um mich The lyrics of the song is quite long, having sixty six lines. Alles dreht sich, alles dreht sich Alles dreht sich um dich Du bewegst dich, du bewegst dich Und alles dreht sich um mich Alles dreht sich, alles dreht sich Alles dreht sich um dich Du bewegst dich, du bewegst dich Und alles dreht sich um mich Du bist alles was zählt Denn in hungrigen Augen bist du leider wunderschön   The series is produced by Grundy UFA productions, the same company responsible for RTL's other daily soaps. Tanja Szewczenko is — like Diana, the character she played — a famous German ice skater. Das ist alles was zählt Alles was zählt Alles was zählt Ich geb dir diesen Halt Der dir fehlt Halt der dir fehlt Halt der dir fehlt Ich geb dir Auftrieb, Auftrieb Wenn du willst Ich geb dir Auftrieb Breite deine Arme aus Ich geb dir Auftrieb, Auftrieb Wenn du willst Ich geb dir Auftrieb Ich atme ein Du atmest aus Wenn keiner an dich glaubt | | Em G | Wenn nur die Liebe zählt, wenn nur die Liebe zählt, | | D C B Bsus4 | dann ist mir kein Preis zu hoch um dich zu sehen. Komm mit ich zeig dir alles was geht, alles was zählt, und jetzt komm schon, rock die ganze Nation! Magic Media Company (MMC) – Production sites,ählt&oldid=990578932, RTL (German TV channel) original programming, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sarah Höflich, Katrin Esser, Camilla Sauer, Tom Chroust, Nina Blum, Peter Holzwarth, Former figure skater, currently skater trainer; daughter of Jutta; grandchild of Lutz; ex-fiancée of Julian; ex-girlfriend of Oliver and Lars; ex-lover of Mike; one-night-stand of Deniz, ex-girlfriend of Brandon, Owner and manager of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness"; mother of Maximilian (by her riding instructor when she was a teen) and of Jenny and Vanessa (by Richard); grandmother of Letizia, Alexander, Sophia, Annabelle and Henry; daughter of Friederike; half-sister of Carmen; aunt of Michelle; cousin of Constantin; wife of Richard; ex-fiancée of David; ex-girlfriend of Rafael; ex-lover of Axel; one-night-stand of her brother-in-law Rüdiger, Owner and director of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness", now borough mayor of Essen-Schotterberg; father of Jenny and Vanessa (by Simone), Ben (by ex-lover Nadja), Marco (by ex-lover Monika) and Nikolas (by ex-lover Céline); stepfather of Maximilian; grandfather of Annabelle and Henry; brother of Rüdiger; uncle of Franziska; husband of Simone; ex-fiancé of Claudia; ex-lover of Annette, Ice-hockey player, now medicine student in practical year; daughter of Simone and Richard; sister of Jenny; half-sister of Ben, Maximilian, Marco and Nikolas; niece of Rüdiger and Carmen; cousin of Juli, Franziska and Michelle; aunt of Letizia; wife of Christoph; mother of Henry; ex-girlfriend of Ben (they broke up when they discovered they were related), Deniz, Tom and Nick; studied medicine in Boston, then returned to Essen, where she was the majority stakeholder of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness", Ice-hockey trainer, physiotherapist and masseur at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness", also pursued a career as a comedian for a short time; half-brother of Marie; widdower of Annette; ex-boyfriend of Lena and Céline; father of Zoé; foster father of Melanie, Diana's fiancée, owner of "MultiFriends". BLESSINGS Lyrics [Songtext zu „BLESSINGS“] [Intro: Shiloh Dynasty & Sierra Kidd] ... Irgendwann wirst du erkenn'n, das ist alles, was zählt Denn auch sie sind froh, dass es dich gibt Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Extreme BMX-biker, testimonial of Jenny and Deniz' "Pumpwerk"-campaign, fake-boyfriend of Michelle, affair of Isabelle, one-night-stand of Marie, later her boyfriend, husband of Lotte, with whom he left for Canada, DJane, singer; daughter of Christoph; step-daughter of Vanessa; half-sister of Henry; ex-girlfriend of Ben; one-night-stand of Pia and rapper Third Unit, left for a DJ job on, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 08:44. Alles Was Zählt lyrics performed by Nika (Schloss Einstein): Schwimm nicht einfach mit dem strom, lass dich nicht immer treiben, wenn dir mal was nicht so passt, hör doch auf zu schweigen. more », Sheet Music  Man gibt mir 81 Jahre hier 50-Stunden-Wochen, Arbeitstier Ich lächle so 13 Minuten pro Tag Nehm' jeden zweiten Sommer Urlaub mit Krieg' 1, 5 Kinder im Schnitt Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! AWZ is directed in week-long blocks with revolving directors, including Christof Brehmer, Stefan Bühling, Gudrun Scherer, Jörg Mielich, Tina Kriwitz, Klaus Knoesel, Annette Herre, Matthias Paul and Andreas Stenschke, to name just a very few. Das ist sein allererstes Album. Playlist, Written by: David Vogt, Fabian Roemer, Hanan Hamdi, Hannes Buescher, Philip Boellhoff, Sipho Sililo, Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! In January 2009, she left the series to pursue her skating career. @awz_fanpage: “Eine Version von 2011. 😀 #Vorspann #Intro #AWZVorspann #2011 #oldbutgold #SimoneSteinkamp…” Head doctor; father of Leo and Flo; ex-husband of Sonja; ex-boyfriend of Isabelle; ex-lover of Dana and Lena; one-night-stand of Anne and Brigitte. Irgendwie kann ich's nicht fühl'n Alles, was zählt? Steig auf den Beifahrersitz, denn heut Nacht bist du alles, was zählt Ohh, ich kauf' dir Cartier, kauf' dir Cartier, ich kauf' dir Cartier Sag mir nur, ob in Milano oder auf der Champs-Élysées Ohh, ich kauf' dir Cartier, kauf' dir Cartier, kauf' dir Cartier Steig auf den Beifahrersitz, denn heut Nacht bist du alles, was zählt The story continues to revolve around the Steinkamp Sport and Wellness Centre and its quest to become a sporting powerhouse, as well as the lives of the characters who work at and around the Centre. Ist das alles, was zählt? Man gibt mir 81 Jahre hier 50-Stunden-Wochen, Arbeitstier Ich lächle so 13 Minuten pro Tag Nehm' jeden zweiten Sommer Urlaub mit Krieg' 1, 5 Kinder im Schnitt In February 2008, AWZ was awarded Blu Magazine's Best National TV Format award for its portrayal of the relationship between Deniz and Roman. Alles was zählt (All That Matters) is a German television soap opera first broadcast on RTL on 4 September 2006. alles, was zählt (Idiom, German) - alles, was dazu gehört und wichtig ist; was darüber hinausgeht, wird gestrichen Left for a job in Berlin and to be near his daughter Flo. Lyrics to Alles was zählt by Namika from the Que Walou album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Nika (Schloss Einstein) Alles Was Zählt Lyrics. . Test your MusicIQ here! A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "alles" - from the website. (0 fans), Namika (given name, Hanan Hamdi), also known by the stage name Hän Violett, is a German singer and rapper from a Riffian Moroccan family. Listen to Alles Was Zählt by Rexx, 95 Shazams. Alles was zählt – Weitere Informationen. Jhony Kaze from Germany released the song Alles was zählt in the 47th week of 2017. 7"; mother of Zoé; wife of Oliver; ex-wife of Maximilian; ex-girlfriend of Ingo; ex-lover of Richard; moved to Australia with Oliver, Figure skating choreographer hired to work with the Steinkamp team; mother of Katja; ex-wife of Peter Bergmann; ex-fiancée of Richard; moved to, Figure skater, placed third in both the World and European championships before pursuing a career as a trainer and then as sports manager of "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; brother of Florian, ex-boyfriend of Marc, Andrew and Deniz; died of a brain tumour, Videogame developer; son of Helena and Philipp; brother of Isabelle; half-brother of Larissa; uncle of Sophia; ex-boyfriend of Katja; boyfriend of Vanessa; left for Boston after he and Vanessa break up, Lessee of the "Pommesschranke" fry stand near the Steinkamp Centre and sometimes costume designer; daughter of Peter; sister of Lena; half-sister of Katja; cousin of Ronny; aunt of Alexander; wife of Ingo; ex-lover of Richard; one-night-stand of Deniz; died after Jenny ran over her in her car, Assistant janitor at "Steinkamp Sports and Wellness"; raised in Gunzenhausen, came to Essen to pursue his dream of playing professional hockey; brother of Roman; boyfriend of Franziska; ex-boyfriend of Lena; follows Franziska to Canada, Daughter of Rüdiger; niece of Richard; cousin of Jenny, Vanessa, Ben, Marco and Nikolas; poses as a boy ("Frank Schneider") to increase her chances of playing professional hockey; girlfriend of florian; ex-lover of Deniz; went to Canada after becoming part of a famous ice-hockey team, Ex-wife of Marco; ex-girlfriend of Jochen; went to New York, Hip-hop dancer; sister of Melanie; ex-girlfriend of Marco and Deniz; went to Paris, Dance instructor at Simone's dance studio, then at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; son of Monika and Richard; half-brother of Jenny, Vanessa, Ben and Nikolas; nephew of Rüdiger; cousin of Franziska; ex-lover of Jenny, Sarah and Isabelle; went to Rome, Former controller of "Steinkamp Sports & Wellness", also worked for the Ministry of the Interior as the State Commissioner for the High-Performance Centre in Essen; son of Luna and Hans Josef; ex-husband of Jenny; ex-lover of Simone and Nina; fled to Greece as "Costa Papadopoulos" after another scheme went wrong; has returned to Essen with a diplomatic pass, killed Ingo to set up the Steinkamps for the murder and break away back to Greece with his accomplice and new wife Spiridula, Footballer; son of David; brother of Lukas; half-brother of Annabelle; sham-husband of Raquel; boyfriend of Kai; ex-boyfriend of Melanie; left with Kai, Sports doctor; son of Barbara; boyfriend of Joscha; leaves Essen with Joscha, Student at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; son of David; brother of Joscha; half-brother of Annabelle; ex-boyfriend of Julia; ex-lover of Letizia; went to New York to complete three semester abroad there, Choreographer at "Steinkamp Dance Factory"; father of Lukas and Joscha; ex-fiancé of Simone; ex-lover of Barbara; one-night-stand of Jenny; father of Annabelle (with Jenny); leaves Essen after kidnapping Annabelle and losing the custody for her, Proprietor of "No.

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