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Every playthrough can be radically different based on a player's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Im not just asking whether Veronica is happier staying in the Brotherhood or not, Im also asking if, maybe shes better off if you kill her family or not. I just let him walk away and pretend like nothing happened, then report back and tell her to keep it in secret. close. Rene … Extract file into your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder and activate. 13. With Matthew Perry, Wayne Newton, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman. Finally. Otherwise, turn him in. - The Mr.House ending I think again is kind of gray since while New Vegas does thrive as far as I know the rest of the mojave remains much the same. location Note your choice will impact the ending you receive. I just now turned him in, then went with the results. Updated October 6th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: Replayability is a core part of any RPG , New Vegas included. He's decreasing morale and lowering the chances of an NCR victory. The First Battle of Hoover Dam is talked about throughout the … Tech Sergeant Reyes NCR is obviously spread too thin and pretty corrupt, although they mean well. VMS52 He can be found on the balcony above the entrance to the House Resort during the day. I want to ally myself with the Boomers and Great Khans. Games. Upon asking him about the intel reports, he tells you he wants to discuss it in a more private setting and will head to his office. According to in-game files, there is an existing dialogue option where you could convince Hanlon to stop falsifying the reports if you have learned about, For a while, this was believed to be a bug in the game, as, There is also an ending the player can obtain which requires Hanlon to be convinced to stop falsifying the records, completing, If a non-player character capable of receiving the upgraded codes is dead, the player can manually upgrade the stations by interacting with the ham radio. I turned him in once but then....I couldn't bear that so I reloaded and let him walk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Confirm Sergeant Reyes' suspicions about the reports from, Find out about the Super Mutant Legionary attack at. As the commanding officer, he is responsible for coordinating Ranger operations throughout the Mojave. Find a ranger to take Chief Hanlon into custody. Return to Sender (If the Officer in charge was killed in any way, interact with the Ham Radio to deliver the code.). Speak to Ranger Pason at station Delta, Ranger Lineholm at station Alpha, and Ranger Kudlow at station Foxtrot. I turned him in. Playing next. Hanlon drops his. Camp Forlorn Hope There is just one problem I'm having with my game. Fallout New Vegas Ending Guide. Directed by Josh Sawyer. Tell Sergeant Reyes that her suspicions about misinformation being fed to the NCR was correct. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? Once you step out of the office, the door closes and locks, and Hanlon delivers a speech to the stationed rangers via the intercomm Once his speech is over, he commits suicide with his revolver. Upgrade Ranger station Charlie(if Ranger station Charlie has already been wiped out, you don't have to visit it, even tho… Fallout: New Vegas its the best fallout game ever. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Return_to_Sender?oldid=3266077. The NCR's initial victory is vital. So…. I really like the writing in this quest because its not at all what you'd expect from a war hero. If you let him kill himself, it throws the Rangers themselves into disarray, and will puncture their legendary status and people will come to depend on them less. There are various replies available depending on your choices during this quest, and your reply can affect the level of morale for the purposes of. Sometimes they must be dismissed as they become stuck in front of the balcony. On the New Vegas wiki it has this alternate outcome listed in the endings: 'Convince the chief to stop falsifying records, complete the endgame quest Eureka! After surviving a bullet to the head, Courier Six traverses the post-apocalyptic Mojave desert in search of the men who wronged him, while making an impact on thousands in the process. - Results (82 votes). You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Just started working for the King. The best ending for the Followers of Apocalypse is only available if you make them cooperate with the NCR. Close. President Hanlon: The NCR after New Vegas Please note the following is merely my ramblings with a little help from the Fallout Wiki . If you are playing in favor of Caesar's Legion, you still can complete this quest and, If you return to Reyes, she'll ask you what Chief Hanlon had to say about the bogus reports. Thats it. Nice gift for Caesar and potentially really bad strategy if in a few years Caesar's advanced all the way to the NCR's doorstep. Fallout: New Vegas Chief Hanlon. Hanlon will not discuss quest matters unless he is outside on the balcony. Upgrade Ranger station Alpha 2. NCR takes control of the Strip because I like their Democratic Ideals 2. OTOH Hanlon's looking out for his own people, not the people of the Mojave - so basically if Hanlon got his wish, there would be no battle of Hoover Dam, just a retreat. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You are asked to deliver several radio security upgrade codesby speaking to the Communications Officer at each of the Ranger stations. In order to complete my criteria, it has to follow these guidelines: 1. Fallout: New Vegas Celebrity Vocal Cast Revealed. The Courier Companionsnote Arcade Israel Gannon, Craig Boone, Raul Alfonso Tejada, Rose of Sharon Cassidy, Lilian Marie Bowen, Veronica Renata Santangelo, ED-E, Rex New California Republicnote President Aaron Kimball, Ambassador Dennis … requirements I'll cover how to get the quest from Sergeant Reyes and find all six ranger stations (and cover what happens if Ranger Station Charlie is already destroyed). editor id ... Chief Hanlon Dialogue Restored ===== v1.3 … Its all bittersweet, except the one where she dies. form id ... As mentioned above, the best ending for Primm will be for the town to get annexed by the NCR. 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 2.2 Quests 2.3 Endings 3 Inventory 4 Notable quotes 5 … Almost immediately after this he will begin to move once more. When I played for the new vegas for the first time I just kind of did what ever felt like doing and messed around with mods a little. I personally think Hanlon's past accomplishments have earned him a little forgiveness and that his goals are somewhat reasonable even if his methods don't make a lot of sense. Return to Sender is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Well, if you kill Caesar before completing the quest, i would let him walk as it changes alot of things. I need someone to deliver security code upgrades to each of the Ranger stations. chevron_right. A nearby ranger will rush into the room to see what happened. Blew Up Boulder City To Win Battle. I completed the quest by telling Hanlon that I was going to turn him in. You can choose to kill Hanlon yourself, which he warns you is a bad idea due to being in the middle of a ranger base. Upgrade Ranger station Bravo 3. 3:07. I am at the end and i decide to turn in chief hanlon. gamescore Fallout: New Vegas side quest Speak with Tech Sergeant Reyes at the Camp Forlorn Hope command center to begin this quest. The song was written by Winfield Scott and Otis Blackwell. Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money Summary : In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. 0014f3b1 Over nearly half a century of service, he saw the Rangers grow from a small, rag-tag group of abolitionists with a clear moral sense into a large, professional military force that had trouble telling the good guys from the bad. Chief Hanlon: What's the Verdict? So basically everything remains in a stasis and the rich get richer and the poor have to fight for the leftover scraps. So this quest has bugged out for me, unsurprisingly, and every time the door closes Hanlon cuts off mid sentence and nothing happens. He's one of the most likable characters and I couldn't do that to uncle Hanlon. This contingency is there in case the station is wiped out by wandering creatures (such as Foxtrot, and its, If Hanlon is already dead, the quest will end when returning to Reyes stating that "Since Hanlon is dead we will never really know". Recently added 40 View all 1,139. trophy type Can You Beat Fallout 3 And Fallout New Vegas At The Same Time. Return to Sender Is Fallout new Vegas The Best in the series? This can be fixed by reloading a save before confronting him. What did you do with Chief Hanlon? (If the Officer in charge was killed in any way, interact with the Ham Radio to deliver the code.) This can sometimes be fixed by reloading a save or turning off your radio while Chief Hanlon is speaking. videogame_asset My games. A page for describing Characters: Fallout: New Vegas - New California. Fallout New Vegas. I want the best possible ending for my Fallout New Vegas game. for the NCR.' On the New Vegas wiki it has this alternate outcome listed in the endings: 'Convince the chief to stop falsifying records, complete the endgame quest Eureka! If you don't expose Chief Hanlon, and side with an Independent New Vegas or Mr. House, then Hanlon and the Rangers celebrate their victory, but it was short-lived, due to the courier. "Return to Sender" is a 1962 rock and roll hit single by American singer Elvis Presley. Upon returning to Reyes, she will inform you of some confusing intel reports, and you're sent back out to three stations to double-check the validity of the reports. Ma… Travel back to Ranger stations and investigate the reports. They can be left waiting outside the resort before going in to prevent this. 666 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope [Abby's View], Celebrating FAHM with Fam! When they disappear, leaving the building can make them return after 30 seconds or so. This section of Fallout: New Vegas Cheats will cover the three different outcomes for the Return to Sender Quest. FALLOUT NEW VEGAS Mod Clinic 26 Fallout 4 Quickloot for New Vegas latest Version 2016 ... 24:18. How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters. I'll also cover how to double-check the bad reports and find out what happened with Ranger Hanlon at Camp Golf. Looking in the GECK, I there seemed to be no way of even getting the ending where you convince Chief Hanlon to stop; and somehow the topic of Caesar being sick was tied to the topic of him being dead. ... (The Blade Trilogy) plays Chief Hanlon, a grizzled solider at the end of his career. The town will be rebuilt and turned into a major trade center. You are asked to deliver several radio security upgrade codes by speaking to the Communications Officer at each of the Ranger stations. 300. 3. I don't think it's the best approach to have him commit suicide, he is aware of his mistakes but what he does and has been doing for years he does it for the benefit of the NCR. If you decide to turn him in, he will tell you to go get a ranger to make it official. Regardless of the choice you make, the quest ends there. Report. Originally, it was unavailable due to a bug in the game's programming, but has now fixed by the last patch. Chief Hanlon - I confronted him, and decided not to tell anyone about what he did, as long as he joined the Rangers for their stand at the Dam. Chief Hanlon is a grizzled leader of the NCR Rangers and war hero currently stationed in the Mojave Wasteland, operating out of Camp Golf in 2281. Brotherhood of Steel is preferred to survive because I grew attached to them in Fallout 3. He can be found on the balcony above the entrance to the House Resort during the day. If you let Hanlon continue his plan without informing the NCR, he tells you that you no longer have anything to discuss and walks off. - The legion endings only have one benefit you can argue for order. - Legate Lanius. Quest completed on PC and Xbox 360 by waiting outside the now-locked Hanlon office door for about one to two minutes. I'm assuming that either the Mr House or Independent ending is canon; it doesn't really matter which. chevron_left. My opinion. Speak with Tech Sergeant Reyes at the Camp Forlorn Hope command center to begin this quest. How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? I'm wondering if our radio security codes have been compromised. What ending in the base game do you guys think would be the best for Vegas and the Mojave? No matter what his justifications are, giving up vegas and the west to a bunch of evil scums is worse. Bronze. Hanlon drops his. Hanlon served as a Ranger for over forty years, joining before Elisebecame Ranger Chief around 2241. If you've spoken to them, walk out of the tent and then back in, and speak to Reyes. The Followers of the Apocalypse. new vegas was the first fallout game I played as well. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. during later playthoughs just role-played characters while modding the shit out of new vegas. There was no ending slide. Then I finally heard the bang. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Looking over the list of the New Vegas endings at The Vault wiki, I noticed a couple omissions and a different result. 500–800 XPNCR fame Best Ending for Veronica - posted in New Vegas Spoilers: There is no truly happy ending for Veronica in New Vegas. 20 Once there, Hanlon will discuss his motives with you, and eventually leads to you having to make a choice. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Fallout: New Vegas achievement/trophy General Oliver is a douche bag, Chief Hanlon's tactics during the first battle were superior, Oliver is just a power hungry **** reminding me of Tsar Nicholas II (For those who have studied Russian history) The NCR also kick the best faction out of Vegas! I used to be with the NCR However i tried every ending House Independent And lately Yes only lately Caesar I would permanently joined Caesar I will explain why. You get 500XP. Jove the Sleep Depraved - Optimize your HDTV. He's been the NCR ranger chief for a really long time and it's very experienced, i don't think having him commit suicide is any good for the NCR. This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas dialogue project.This project is designed to allow users to link to pages containing a character's dialogue for simpler and cleaner references by sorting through, cleaning up and categorizing quotes from every major character in Fallout: New Vegas..If you want to participate, please check the project page. On one hand, keeping Hanlon in power will continue to throw the NCR into disarray, but if you are with House it won't really matter since you'll throw out the soldiers soon anyways. If you insist on doing so after his warning, Hanlon will turn hostile. Because, hey, I don't want to reload over every non-optimal decision. Browse more videos. Hailing from California, Hanlon is the head of the NCR Rangers and is one of its longest serving members. The office is located on the first floor of the resort, past the front desk, and to the left of the vending machines. reward After her suspicions have been justified, she asks you to go to Camp Golf and confront Chief Hanlon about it. And like SoulOfFayth says, he's just a decent guy which is pretty rare in the game world (and often the real world). In which they will be able to continue caring for the less fortunate citizens in New Vegas. Complete Return to Sender As an agent of House, I turn him in. I personally think independent is the way to go. Hanlon will not discuss quest matters unless he is outside on the balcony. Inform Chief Hanlon what you and Sergeant Reyes discovered. If you've spoken to them, walk out of the tent and then back in, and speak to Reyes. Fallout 3. NCR, Legion? Of course, the strength of Fallout New Vegas is that there's no 'right' ending - and thanks to the FPGE mod, you can get a sense of what sits best … Fallout: New Vegas - Side Quest - Return to Sender - YouTube A few months ago I sold Fallout: New Vegas since Dead Money was no where to be seen on PS3 and I already hit level 30 on two characters. This may be fixed pushing him around, loading a save prior to entering the building, exiting the building and waiting until he comes out on the porch or pick-pocketing him while detected so to make him resume his normal routine. Hedging your Bets: a guide to delaying your final choice of faction {SPOILERS}, Who are the good guys? 1. It should go back to normal after 20-30 seconds. Find out what else Sergeant Reyes needs you to do. ONLY GAMING MOMENTS (OGM) 0:39. A way to fix this is to use a silenced or melee weapon to sneak kill all of the NCR soldiers that are in Hanlon's general vicinity. Posted by 2 years ago. given by Here are the 15 best unique weapons players can find and use in Fallout: New Vegas. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Mars has accepted my sacrifices and unleashes me.

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