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Learn about the latest leaks below. Given this, we’d expect the event to take place sometime in the period between November 25 - December 2. As for what’ll actually happen, that remains to be seen, but we’re excited to find out. this event has 2 encrypted paks a 721MB enc pak and a 500MB one they are probably Two times bigger than the biggest event pak we ever had + They are compressed so the size is way bigger .. — XTigerHyperX – Fortnite Leaks (@XTigerHyperX) November 18, 2020. This article takes a look at all the teasers and what it could mean for the upcoming event in Fortnite. With this update, a variety of event files have been discovered, and while the leakers aren’t discussing what’s actually in them, they are chatting about the sheer size of them. This will mark the end of Chapter 2, Season 4 and make way for the next big season in the game. 'Fortnite' is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android. This is our final stand to save all Reality. Now, this does seem like odd timing considering it’s in the middle of the week instead of a weekend, but the Tuesday does make it seem like this could lead right into a new season. Chapter 2 Season 4 currently has an end date for November 30, though leaks suggest the new end date could be December 3. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4’s Galactus “Devourer of the Worlds” live event promises to be the game’s biggest live event so far. Live events are usually the most popular part of any season and that’s not going to be any different with Galactus, and that’s not even factoring in the fact that this is set to be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen in Fortnite. Fortnite Season 4 has stretched on for quite a while, which means fans are ready to find out what happens next. If a newly appeared countdown timer is any indication, it sounds like those big changes might appear a little sooner than some had anticipated. We might get some teasers ahead of it as that’s something that Epic has traditionally done in the past. Here's what we know about the Fortnite Season 4 Galactus event so far. We are less than two weeks away from Fortnite season 5 and Epic released the last patch of season 4 two days ago, v14.60. There was so much speculation about what was going on, and coming off the brutal mech-filled Season X, there was really nowhere to go but up. Epic has encouraged players to log in earlier than usual for this event as it’s a one-time thing. This Fortnite Trailer was so much work so leave a like if you enjoyed! Live Events in Battle Royale are huge events that only happen once, and usually bring huge changes to the map with them. The leaker says this is probably two times bigger than the biggest event pak we’ve seen so, just clearly indicating this event will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. The event is expected to be one of the biggest live events yet seen. Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and upcoming Fortnite Events. You’ll want to show up at least an hour early, with the event playlist opening a half-hour before it begins. Powered by. Here’s what you need to know about Galactus and the Devourer of Worlds event. Since the beginning of Chapter 2 - Season 4, players could spot Galactus in the sky as he flew slowly toward Fortnite's current map. The Battle Bus is loaded and ready to go. We don’t know how long the Galactus event … Epic has confirmed the event will be a one-time showing and it’ll take place on December 1 at 4 p.m. Ever since Fortnite Season 4 began, we knew Galactus would eventually arrive onto the island to wreak havoc, and it looks like that day has finally been confirmed. 'Fortnite' Season 4's live event is set o begin December 1 at 4:10 p.m. EST. Fortnite Galactus Nexus War Live Event! Today I trolled youtubers with a Season 4 Galactus Live Event that I created myself. There have been rumors of another black hole-type event, so having the event take place early in the day like this could see us have nothing to play until later that night, or even into Thursday. A NEW Fortnite live event is heading to the game, this time bringing the world-ender and Marvel universe nemesis, Galactus to Fortnite Battle Royale. On November 21, Epic Games not only extended the season by a day, but they also finally revealed when he’ll be getting here, and also gave some tips on how you can prepare for the event. The original black hole that gave us Chapter 2 was one of the most exciting times in the game, even if we didn’t even get to play the game itself. The Devourer of Worlds is the nickname given to Marvel supervillain Galactus and will also serve as the season-ending Fortnite event's name. Deep dive into the top players. Galactus has appeared in the skies over the 'Fortnite' island, paving the way for the Season 4 live event. Ever since Fortnite Season 4 began, we knew Galactus would eventually arrive onto the island to wreak havoc, and it looks like that day has finally been … There’s only a couple more weeks left of Season 4, so whatever the future holds for the game, we’ll all be finding out very soon. It’s tough to know exactly what Epic has planned at the moment, so we’re just spitballing. 'Fortnite' is available now on … Similar to previous events, the game will bring numerous changes to the Fortnite island … 'Fortnite' Season 4's live event takes place December 1 at 4 p.m. EST. Fortnite Season 4 event ‘Devourer of Worlds’ will have to wait until December 1st. Discover how the Heroes and Villains of Marvel ended up on the Island. Fortnite Events - Competitive Tournaments. We’ll likely be getting some more hints in the days leading up to December 1, so the picture might become a bit clearer by then. Fortnite Season 4 is creeping ever closer, and before you know it, we'll be leaving the current season's watery depths for something new. How will Galactus change the Island? Today we’ll be taking you through everything we know about this event so far, and our predictions for how it will affect the game and the upcoming season. NEW MERCH!!!! Live Events often bring the Fortnite community together; everyone stops attacking each other to watch the event. Never has Epic Games hyped up a live event so much for so long, and everyone is pretty excited about it. The Meteor Event was an event that happened in Season 3 and started off Season 4. Here’s what we know about the Fortnite Galactus event including a rumoured date for when the live event will be as well as small leaks for the event. The update didn’t […] Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 would likely have the biggest live event hosted in the game. Dataminers have leaked a Fortnite skin for Galactus just days before the live Galactus "Nexus War" finale Season 4 event takes place. © Provided by The i The Fortnite Nexus War event goes live on 1 December (Photo: Epic Games) Season four of Epic Games’ smash hit has been a … Powered by. The end of Fortnite Season 4 is nearly here and that means Galactus will be here to wreak havoc on the island, but we don’t really know what that means as of yet. The new Galactus boss is awesome and we’ll fight him here in Battle Royale Season 4 Chapter 2. Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite is heading towards its unavoidable conclusion. READ NEXT: Fortnite Venom Smash and Grab Mythic is Insanely Powerful, Fortnite Season 4 Galactus Event: Everything We Know So Far, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Galactus and the Devourer of Worlds event, Fortnite Venom Smash and Grab Mythic is Insanely Powerful. What's On Arts and Entertainment Fortnite Galactus live event: when to play in the UK on PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch - and when season 5 … Epic has said before that this is just the beginning of the Marvel crossover stuff, there’s a chance Season 5 could have the same theme and bring even more heroes into the mix. Marvel Comics supervillain Galactus is readying his attack on Fortnite's current map, including Marvel … Live Events usually happen once every season, and there have been many across the last few seasons. The Galactus event will go live on Tuesday, December 1 at 4 PM ET. (VERY LIMITED): Name Music (made all the music!) Fortnite season 4 has a release date of Thursday August 27 and will feature tonnes of Marvel content (Image: EPIC GAMES • MARVEL) FORTNITE SEASON 4 - … For starters, you’ll have to make sure you’ve updated to v14.60, which is the most recent patch in Fortnite. The event was responsible for destroying Dusty Depot and eventually caused most of the live events in the game. The big Nexus War that’s going on in Fortnite right now, created by me. Fortnite Season 4 is set to wrap up at the end of November, so we can expect the event to begin revealing itself in the days leading up to that. Trolling Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT! Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 4 crossover will finally see Galactus arrive in a one-time only Nexus War finale live event on December 1, 2020, at 1pm PT/4pm ET/9pm GMT. So far, it’s looking like this event will live up to the hype and it definitely has the potential to change Fortnite. How to Get the Fortnite Rainbow Fog Wrap For Free. This is just raw speculation at this point, but with December 3 being thrown around as a potential Season 5 start time, that could certainly be the case. The excitement has been building towards, arguably, the biggest finale in Fortnite history. To help put this into perspective, Fortnite leaker XTigerHyperX revealed there are two compressed encrypted paks in the files that will balloon in size once the event arrives. Fortnite: Battle Royale fans across the globe are ready to experience Chapter 2 - Season 4's season-ending event, known as 'Devourer of Worlds.' Based on the time currently listed in two prominent places, the Galactus event is expected to begin around December 1 at 4:10 p.m. EST. This means that Fortnite Season 4 will end after the Galactus event which also starts at the time of 13:00 PT and 21:00 GMT on the same day. If you’re somebody who is still playing Fortnite daily, then a lot of these steps won’t really be needed, but if you’re a lapsed player, you’ll need to make sure you do everything you need to do. The Devourer of Worlds arrives 12.1.20 4 PM ET, — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 21, 2020. We have all the information on when Fortnite’s Galactus event is, its start time, and other details. No further details were given as to what players can expect from this event besides the Fortnite Team noting that "Galactus is closing in on the Island and the fate of all Reality lies in the balance." Currently, he is faintly visible over the water. Over the years, Fortnite has had some pretty big season-ending live events, but it’s sounding like none of them will be able to hold a candle to whatever Epic has planned to close out Season 4. It will be the climax of Chapter 2, Season 4 before it closes and players will have to wait for Season 5. We’ve already heard from leakers in a previous update that this will be the biggest event Fortnite has ever seen, but we never knew an actual size. If what Epic says is true and there really is a lot more Marvel content planned for Fortnite, then it’ll be interesting to see if that comes into fruition in the very next season or if it’ll be peppered throughout the rest of this chapter and beyond. ET. Prize pools, rules, and player info for all events. Given how big of a threat Galactus is in the Marvel universe, or at least was, it’s not all that surprising to see that he’s going to really shake up Fortnite as we know it. The Fortnite Season 4 live event is going to be absolutely gigantic. … Over the years, Fortnite has had some pretty big season-ending live events, but it’s sounding like none of them will be able to hold a candle to whatever Epic has planned to close out Season 4. READ NEXT: How to Get the Fortnite Rainbow Fog Wrap For Free, Fortnite Leakers Say Season 4 Live Event is Massive, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Leaderboards for all current and historic Competitive Fortnite Tournaments. In anticipation of the upcoming December 1 ‘Devourer of Worlds‘ event, Galactus has already started surfacing in the game. Let me express smth real quick to show how huge this event will be. There is a lot of speculation about what’s going to happen once Galactus gets here, and much of the discourse has honed on whether or not the game will disappear for a few days.

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