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We’ve taken the Poco right to the gate on several flights and put it into a large, somewhat flimsy but lightweight bag to contain and protect the straps and the airline staff took care of it for us. This decision between the two versions (POGO AG vs AG PLUS) is one we thought about a lot. This comparison of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 vs Osprey Poco Plus was written because there are so many customers who are wondering which of these two products is the best. The backpack carrier makes it much less of a chore. We’re from Melbourne, Australia, but currently living in South Korea where hiking is the number one sport, so we fit right in. It has a light internal aluminum frame, and the back and waist straps are highly adjustable, and both parents can easily use the backpack with adjustments. Premium, comfort packs like the top models from Deuter, Thule, Osprey, and Kelty are standouts in this respect, giving close fits for most people. Osprey POCO AG vs AG PLUS Comparison. We love hiking and getting outdoors. To help support our retail partners, our dealer service team is taking orders and our dealer locator provides an up-to-date view of local store hours, inventory, curbside pick … All in all, I’m a big fan of the Osprey Poco. We took it on our first overseas holiday when he was 7 months old. Osprey repairs any damage or defect at no cost even after decades of using it. There’s a basic version, the Poco Plus and the Poco Premium. Maybe it was being so high up that he could see everything. Für die Saison 2016 hatte Osprey seine Kindertragenserie komplett überarbeitet. Outdoor Dad Verdict: Osprey Poco AG Premium child carrier. Mit 22 Kilogramm (Kind und Zuladung) lässt sich dieses Premium-Modell mit integriertem, abnehmbaren 16-Liter-Daypack bepacken – allerdings wollen diese dann auch den Berg hinaufgeschleppt werden. The Osprey Poco AG Premium is a class act. How To Prepare For Your First Hiking With Baby Adventure? Mashed banana anyone? The quality guarantee of the carrier comes at a price. This well made and innovatively designed carrier boasts seemingly endless extra features and each one is better and more useful than the last. The carrier has a padded and fully framed cockpit for the baby’s safety. Are you looking at buying a baby backpack carrier? So osprey incorporated their award winning ag (anti-gravity) backpack suspension system into the poco ag plus child carrier. Osprey offers two excellent child carrier packs, which mainly differ by size (volume for equipment) and thus price: the… Also, the premium carrier has a locking foot bar and an extra-wide base to keep the baby stable in a sitting position. The Osprey Poco comes in three different models – the Poco, the Poco Plus and the Poco Premium. Poco AG Plus is one of the best-ventilated child carriers. We drew some amused and ‘hey crazy lady’ stares from people when we took the little guy in the baby backpack carrier into an urban environment such as a shopping centre. When we’re in the supermarket, escape is followed by me madly replacing every item he takes off the shelf while I try to catch him and futilely stuff him and his arched back into the pram again. Apart from having to take The Monsta out of the pack to get through the security checks, he stayed in the pack the whole time. We didn’t buy any of the accessories because we’re fair weather hikers these days and we have our other bag that is perfect for the backpack for travel. Anti-Gravity The built-in sunshade protects your child from the elements. Sorry, I said to the checkout person. *. Truth be told, they are very similar in design. Top 7 Best Portable Baby Swing Reviews For 2020, Best Electric Baby Swing Reviews For 2020. The Poco AG series is the previous series that has been replaced with the Poco Series. You are likely to carry the. He hated his pram; he refused to sit in it. Customers have also complained that the sunshade is stuck often. Sonny hasn’t complained once so far and has fallen asleep on every walk, … Your email address will not be published. We’ve now been using the Poco for years and there’s very little sign of wear and tear. Heading for the Hills is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and its partners. The nylon child carriers were sold in three colors: “Romper Red,” “Koala Grey,” and “Bouncing Blue.” They have a metal frame and a gray padded child’s seat inside. We don’t hike long distances anymore anyway and only in fair weather, so there’s no need to carry excess gear on a hike. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Your email address will not be published. So to understand how much we love the Osprey Poco Premium Baby Backpack Carrier, you have to understand how challenging it is to contain our little ball of perpetual motion. Some customers have complained that it does not fit well or distribute the weight evenly despite several attempts. Die Unterscheidung erfolgt bei den Zusatzfeatures, die sich auch in Gewicht („standard“ = leichteste) und Preis („standard“ = günstigste) widerspiegeln. The same frame gives a stable platform when you place the carrier down. Walking the dog was also so much easier with The Monsta in the baby backpack carrier than in the pram. The founder and head designer signs the guarantee on the company’s carriers. The heavyweight may force you to lean forward, which is not a safe hiking position. Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier from Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The Osprey Poco is on to carrying its second child (Sprout #5) and it still is in amazing shape. I say make the most of it, while he still fits in there. The Poco has the least carrying space with the Poco plus having larger pockets and fit-on-the-fly hipbelt allowing you to adjust the length ofthe hipbelt whilst you are wearing the pack. The Osprey Poco Premium is one of the higher priced backpacks for toddlers, but we think it was worth the investment. The Monsta does not like to be restrained. While musing over how comfortable, content and still he remained in the baby backpack carrier during our walks, I thought why not try him in it at the supermarket? Not only does this bag have the potential to carry big loads, it is also comfortable and highly adjustable. We didn’t buy any of the accessories because we’re fair weather hikers these days and we have our other bag that is perfect for the backpack for travel. The Poco AG series had 3 models, Poco AG, Poco AG Plus and Poco AG Premium. It’s way too small for a mobile phone. Thanks, Emmy. It fits adults of different sizes with adjustable straps. However, in early 2016, about 31,000 units of Osprey POCO AG … It is the one place where he is happy to be restrained. You can adjust the backpack to suit your height and also adjust the ‘seat’ in the carrier. I’ll sell it once the Monsta ditches it for good (that day will be upon us soon, sob!) The Poco series only has 2 models, Poco and Poco Plus. ... Der Osprey Poco ist zum Tragen sehr gemütlich und die vielen Verstellmöglichkeiten sind optimal! OK… I felt a bit smug . I sympathise with parents trying to shop when they are distracted or don’t have their hands free. Whenever The Monsta sees the backpack, he begs to go for a walk. Your baby will be safe and comfortable in this carrier. 3 Australian cities with fab hiking nearby. The Poco AG Premium is an improved model of the AG plus carrier. Both feature an aluminum frame and a cockpit into which you can put your child. Requirements for your child: Your child must be capable of holding his or her head upright and sitting up without assistance. Did you have to slowly build up his tolerance for sitting in the pack? Our son (aka ‘The Monsta’) came into this world wired for adventure. The carrier gives a 6-inch torso adjustment to custom fit your body frame. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. During this time, osprey.com is open and all orders will ship free*.Our distribution center is shipping everything. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. He ditched his high chair soon after his first birthday; he wants to sit at the table on a normal seat without being strapped in. Click here to find the latest price. Die neuen Modelle kennzeichnet seither das Kürzel AG, wobei sich Poco AG, AG Plus und Poco AG Premium vorwiegend bei der Zuladung bzw. There’s not a lot of space for storage in the Poco, but it’s enough to carry a few nappies, snacks and drinks. When comparing Thule Sapling vs Osprey POCO AG Plus, the Slant community recommends Osprey POCO AG Plus for most people.In the question“What are the best hiking baby carriers under $350?”Osprey POCO AG Plus is ranked 2nd while Thule Sapling is ranked 3rd. But you can opt out. Osprey Poco Premium Baby Backpack Carrier. At least the stroller doubled as a kind of bag trolley…. How To Be A Good Parent? Hi Sandra, How old was Alex when you first had him in the backpack? Plus I always had two hands-free. The AG stands for Anti-Gravity, and it is a popular suspension system from Osprey. We hope you find something useful on our site to help you plan your next adventure. You can buy Osprey accessories such as a rain cover, the sun shade (for models that don’t have it) and a carry case for travel. For $40 more the AG Plus gives you a lot more storage in the lower back zipper pocket and some elastic mesh pockets for water bottles and anything else. Engineered to work for younger children AND older children and with a variety of different sized wearers, it’s an … Hi Cathy, he was about six months old. The Osprey Poco Premium has a detachable and washable dribble pad – anyone with a toddler or teething baby knows how wet and messy things can get. And doesn’t toddler hiking carrier look good? Lightweight aluminum stays provide load stability and the mesh shoulder harness and back panel combination keeps you comfortable for the long haul. You can increase the comfort with the adjustable hip belt that extends on both sides. If you’re outside Australia, you can buy the Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier from Amazon. The only fault with the Osprey Poco is the small size of the zip pouch on the chest strap. Initially, we were looking at getting the Osprey POCO AG Premium. He happily sat or stood inside the trolley, but too many people don’t understand basic supermarket etiquette and it led to sudden stops and direction changes that catapulted him from one side of the trolley to the other. I like my phone to be easily accessible and the chest strap would be an ideal place for it but I can’t get the zipper done up around my LG5 and it dangles perilously if I lean forward. The Premium model has even a removable day pack attached to it, but again, that's a lot of extra weight to carry around. I don’t have children but this looks like a great problem-solving experience for you. We also liked its parent- and kid-friendly features, including easy-access pockets and a … You can buy Osprey accessories such as a rain cover , the sun shade (for models that don’t have it) and a carry case for travel. I’m not sure, but I’m so happy that he will stay contained for an hour or two in this toddler carrier backpack. Our hands-on testing was on the Poco AG Plus, but except for the loss of "AG" in the name, the product now known as the Poco Plus has all the same features and comfort that make us love and recommend it. You do not want any additional weight to the baby’s weight when hiking or exploring outdoors. He was able to stand up at that age (holding onto something) so we had no worry about him being able to support himself in the pack. These don’t have the sunshade but you can buy these and a rain cover as accessories. I don’t need this or that or these other things, either. There’s a basic version, the Poco Plus and the Poco Premium. Osprey have dramatically improved their already brilliant range of Poco child carriers by adding the revolutionary AG (Anti-Gravity) back system. The sunshade is part of the Poco Premium model and it’s fantastic. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. So Osprey Poco Plus tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Osprey Poco AG Plus, as seen on the chart below. Osprey Poco Plus Osprey Poco Premium; Key features - Fabric/Nylon - Imported - The tensioned mesh backpanel will fit anyone's contours and and maintains airflow for excellent ventilation. He wriggles and flops and climbs and runs and bounces. Osprey’s Poco Plus is a premium and well-built child carrier pack, but our favorite design this year is Deuter’s Kid Comfort.The Osprey gets the clear advantage in capacity at 26 liters vs. 14 for the Deuter, but we’ve found the Kid Comfort still offers sufficient storage for nearly all day trips. It has all the amazing features of the AG plus carrier including the adjustable torso, sunshade, drool pad, adjustable hip belt, and large storage compartments. In Australia and with our high skin cancer rates, shade from the sun is a marvellous addition to protect our Monsta from harmful UV rays. Review: Osprey Poco AG Child Carrier. Maybe it’s because he’s up so high he can see everything. Two hands free to pick up poo! The Osprey Company started with one man’s desire for comfortable, durable, and sound travel products. Explore babies carrier for more reviews and guides. Crazy Outdoor Mama gives it a double thumbs up in her post about her must-have pieces of baby camping gear. Sitting him in a trolley resulted in much the same action and if I took my eyes off him for a few seconds, he managed to sneak something into my trolley that I wouldn’t discover until we get to the checkout. It has hip belt pockets and compartments where you can carry snacks or baby products. Travelers shop with a guarantee of top-quality products, especially for adventure. I’m considering getting the poco for my baby who is 9 months old. It arrived super fast and they had the cheapest price in Australia (plus free delivery for orders over $99). Comparisons of the Osprey Poco Premium vs plus show a slight difference in design. Also was Alex able to sleep in the poco? You can fold in the bottom section of the pack in so you don’t bang it into everything when you turn around. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is ranked 1st while Osprey POCO AG Plus is ranked 2nd. Hooray! The Poco Plus also features zippered hipbelt pockets and a Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt for a wider fit range. If he is obliging and sits in it while we’re at the shops, he can wriggle his way out of the arm straps and climb or jump out of it in a Houdini second. Bonus! It’s easily adjustable which is great because TJ and I both use the backpack. We’re Sandra, TJ and The Monsta. We’ve had great success with the Osprey Poco AG Plus and Kelty Elite fitting parents, grandparents, and friends interchangeably. It will happen with any brand of baby backpack carriers. The carrier has many compartments and pockets for enough storage. The reality is that the child carrier is comfortable and reliable. Osprey premium plus carriers guarantee that safety. Les porte-bébé Poco AG Plus & Poco AG Premium de Osprey sont conçu pour que l'enfant soit au mieux et qu'il puisse profiter de la randonnée. The majority of the customers gave a positive review because of the carrier’s comfort, sufficient storage, and durability. In a supermarket, I didn’t have to chase and catch and try and re-stuff a screaming toddler back into a pram, I didn’t have to clean up his selection of groceries randomly pulled from the shelves and I didn’t have to worry about weird things ending up in my trolley. If your little one is even younger and you’re interested in baby wearing, check out this comprehensive guide to baby wraps. Osprey bietet mit der Poco Premium eine Kraxe der besonderen Art an. We used the daypack for things like nappies, wet wipes, snacks and changes of clothes and we detached the daypack before boarding the plane. The insights in this Osprey Poco Ag plus Review are worth your consideration. You can also buy a specific carry case for travel, but we’ve done OK with our large, foldable lightweight bag when travelling with the Poco. It’s a great conversation starter and the amused expressions of fellow shoppers and the “Aha!” gleams in people’s eyes who ‘get’ why we’re using a baby carrier backpack in an urban environment, make it quite funny. Click here to find the latest price. When my little guy was two, he was regularly doing a Houdini from his pram, easily escaping its straps and jumping out, stationary or not. He hates to be contained. POCO AG™ PREMIUM POCO AG™ PLUS POCO AG™ The Poco AG™ Series channels everything we know about packs into a line of child carriers that are comfortable, supportive, light, well ventilated and supremely easy to adjust for fit. You can buy the Premium version with all the bells and whistles, but there’s also a basic version, the Poco, and the Poco Plus. Ospreys neue Poco AG-Serie. Yeah, the grocery run with kids in tow is a private kind of hell. The carrier is relatively more expensive than other hiking carriers are. The Competition. It does not give maximum protection in the cold weather. The greatest concern when going on an adventurous trip is the baby’s safety. He is a curious, adventurous and seemingly fearless little boy who never seems to stop moving until he’s either watching his latest fave show or unconscious (preferably through sleep). Which model is new Osprey poco ag premium or poco plus? The premium carrier has a removable daypack and reservoir. The Poco AG Premium is the largest of three Poco AG child carriers made by Osprey and features 39L of pack including a removable day pack. When he first mastered the word “backpack”, it was amazing how many times a toddler could repeat it in five minutes. It’s not easy to put the pack on from the ground but it’s much easier to stand up from a sitting position. He loves the bumps, though! But when I watched parents struggle with toddler wrangling, I accepted that we looked weird but enjoyed having a stress-free shop. I often use the Poco when we go grocery shopping! Note: This post contains affiliate links. It also has a detachable daypack and a roomy area at the bottom of the pack for extra storage. The "Poco Plus" was previously named the "Poco AG Plus", which replaced the name previous to that, which was, wait for it, the "Poco Plus". The harness for the adult is fully adjustable. Osprey at 800-303-1350 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT on Monday through Friday, email pocosupport@ospreypacks.com or online at ospreypacks.com and click on "Poco AG Safety Notice" for more information. I’ll need to use it a lot to get my money’s worth, but I certainly intend to. All three models will have built in sun shade. It is easy and fasts to deploy the built-in sunshade from its dedicated pockets. Putting him in the baby backpack carrier made him so happy that taking him anywhere in it was so easy. The carrier is generally safe for the baby in any location and weather. As The Monsta has grown, we have continued to get good use out of it, but he’s already started to do gentle hikes with us.

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