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Colle delle Traversette da Pian del Re . About us; Newsletter; Contact us; Advertising; Find us on: Climbbybike virtually, on Zwift. This was a lot of fun. Todo llega a su final y esta vez le toca a nuestra serie "Mejora tu técnica en e-MTB". Great views of the main road to Petit St. Bernard: From Col de la Traversette, it is initially a very steep descent. I then descended down into France to La Rosière ski station. 2 elementi . [1][3][4], However, the radiocarbon dating method used to process the Mahaney expedition samples had a standard deviation of plus or minus 60 years, so Mahaney's findings were not definitive despite widespread speculation at the time. Category:Col de la Traversette. The Col de la Traversette is a bridle pass with an altitude of 2,947 m in the Cottian Alps. there is a direct link that looks tricky (possibly more of ski slope), or easily linked indirectly by crossing first Petit St Bernard. Escursionismo/mtb. This ride has Italian and French cols, but I have labeled it as “French Alps” as my main target – Col de la Traversette – is in France. reported that sediments had been identified near the pass that had been churned up by "the constant movement of thousands of animals and humans" and dated them to approximately 218 B.C., the time of Hannibal's invasion. As with my previous ride, I first cycled from La Thuile, Italy to Col du Petit St. Bernard (2188m) on the main road.I then descended down into France to La Rosière ski station. Col de la Madeleine - Bédoin. 2900+ m. Alpi Cozie. )-Echalp (pausa al gite d'etape), Valle del Guil-Col Vallanta-Vallone di Vallanta i giorni 15 e 16 agosto. From La Rosière the road up to the fort is paved until 2000 metres. Col de la Traversette - 2950m - Pass, Übergang - Hier kam Hannibal angeblich mit seinen Elefanten über die Alpen - Gebirge: Cottische-Alpen - Land: Italien,Frankreich Located between Crissolo and Abriès it represents the border between Italy and France and separates the Monviso (3,841 m) from the Monte Granero (3,171 m). Accesso. I could see a fun road up to Colle Belvedere (2589 metres) – I had climbed it the previous day from the other side – and decided to keep things simple and just rejoin the main road, recross Col du Pt. The Fort is just behind the ski hut up high: But after perhaps half a kilometre the road becomes ride-able. Imposta la direzione crescente «Una mountain bike elettrica con un peso inferiore a 13 kg offre una sensazione di guida molto simile a quella di una vera mountain bike. Esta sexta entrega, es la última... Mejora tu técnica en e-MTB: Capítulo 5 – Técnicas de descenso (Segunda parte) Ferran. L'entrée italienne était quant à elle plus facile : il était alors recommandé de passer par le col, descendre côté Italie, po… Notify me of follow-up comments by email. View looking back up. The unpaved climb to Col de la Traversette is very ride-able, with stunning views, and some history at the summit. Montée dans les éboulis et pierriers d’où l’on peut facilement apercevoir le col. Avant d’atteindre le col, arrivée devant le tunnel de la Traversette. The Blue Trail of the Via Alpina and the Giro di Viso cross the pass. Added By . July 5, 2015 2. [2] But de Beer's thesis received renewed support in 2016 when geologist William Mahaney et al. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France . Learn how your comment data is processed. Mostra. En effet, le Col de la Traversette est situé quelques mètres au dessus du Tunnel. St. Bernhard oder aus dem Bikepark la Thuile, Col del Mont ist runter gut fahrbahr S1-2 und man kommt hinten im Valgrisenche raus und hat anschließend mit dem Col Bassac dere (rauf überwiegend schieben) eine Traumabfahrt ins Val di Rhemes, wo man dann dann zum Entrelor hochkönnte. Located between Crissolo and Abriès it represents the border between Italy and France and separates the Monviso from the Monte Granero. équipement : Adresse : Itineraires Randonnees Pedestre Depart De La Roche Ecroulee La Roche Ecroulee 05460 Ristolas . Si raggiunge in breve la diramazione, sulla destra, per il Buco di Viso (2882 m). [5], Coordinates: 44°42′38″N 7°03′59″E / 44.7105°N 7.0664°E / 44.7105; 7.0664, Possible site of Hannibal's Alpine crossing, "The truth about Hannibal's route across the Alps", "Dung clue to Hannibal's Alpine crossing", "Researchers Find Hannibal's Route through Alps", "Hannibal's Route Over The Alps or just Horse S***? The village of Barèges lies on the western side, above the town of Luz-Saint-Sauveur Col de la Traversette and Petit St. Bernard - Länge: 50.58 km - Höhenunterschied: 1435 hm - Ort: La Thuile, Aostatal, Italien Col de Traversette ist liegt nördlich von Les Eucherts, nahe bei Col de la Traversette. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2018, at 11:40. Col du Tourmalet (pronounced ; elevation 2,115 m (6,939 ft)) is one of the highest paved mountain passes in the French Pyrenees, in the department of Hautes-Pyrénées. I walked. myclimbbybike. Find all the transport options for your trip from Col de la Traversette to Turin right here. Col de la Sestriere Col d´Allos Baisse de Prenier: II-b : Meolans - Clot du Roi - Col de Thuiles - Col de la Sestriere - Tete de Vescal - Col d´Allos - Baisse de Prenier - Allos: 185: Baisse du Detroit: II-a : Colmars - Lacs de Lignin - Baisse du Detroit - La Cabane Vielle - Peyresq - Torrent La Vaire - Annot: 186: Belvedere de Rancoumas: I-b Forty of the Highest Unpaved Cycling “Roads” in the Alps; Pic du Midi de Biggore; Colle del Sommeiller; Col de la Montée du Fond; Map of Best Climbs; More; Photos . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. per pagina. Il Colle delle Traversette (in francese Col de la Traversette) è un valico alpino delle Alpi Cozie a 2.950 m di quota che unisce la Valle Po in Italia con la Valle del Guil in Francia.Secondo la classificazione orografica SOIUSA il colle separa il gruppo alpino Granero … Dall'ingresso del Buco al colle delle Traversette sono comunque solo un 100aio di metri di dislivello...e già che sei li vuol dire che di pezzi a spinta ne hai già fatti un bel pò :) Io ho fatto il giro Chianale-Col Agnello-Col Vieux (discesa slurp! La SUV de tamaño mediano Traverse 2021 tiene todo para viajar, con asientos para hasta 8 personas, el mejor espacio de carga en su clase y características para que todos viajen seguros y sin aburrirse. Col de la Traversette and Petit St. Bernard - Distance: 50.58 km - Elevation: 1435 hm - Location: La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy Mostra. Lunghezza: km 5,300 – Dislivello m 934 (D+) Tipologia: mulattiera – sentiero. Die Traversette ist ein selbst für heutige Alpinisten anspruchsvoller Weg in den Cottischen Alpen, der höchste Punkt liegt 2947 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel. Ten Great Cycling Routes in the Beautiful Vercors, Grand Colombier and Col de la Biche Unpaved, Col de Sapey via Les Lacets de Montvernier, The Twenty Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in the Alps, The Twenty Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in France, Forty of the Highest Unpaved Cycling “Roads” in the Alps, 15 Great Cycling Climbs to Alpine Dams/Lakes, The Ten Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in Italy, The Ten Best Cycling Climbs from Lake Annecy, 30 of the highest unpaved climbs in the Alps. Taken looking down from the Traversette pass, on the French side. Col de la Madeleine - Malaucène. Er liegt 2947 m über dem Meer, an der Grenze zwischen Frankreich und Italien, und trennt den südlich gelegenen Monviso (3841 m) vom Monte Granero (3171 m). Starting from Jausiers, the Col de la Bonette ascent is 24 km long. Im Jahre 1955 trat Gavin de Beer, Naturgeschichtler und Zoologe in Oxford, mit der These des Col de la Traversette an die Öffentlichkeit. It is a steep and rocky climb which meant that I carried my bike rather than rode it most of the way, and I am still feeling the effects three days on! Le col de la Traversette (italien Colle delle Traversette) est un col des Alpes du Sud, situé à 2 947 mètres d'altitude, à la frontière entre la France (région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) et l'Italie (Piémont). Sainte-Marie-de-Campan is at the foot on the eastern side and the ski station La Mongie two-thirds of the way up. 14159 climbs found. Vídeo Prepararos porque nuestra serie de vídeos de consejos se acerca a su final y se nos acumula el trabajo. The climb is ranked number 49 in France and number 342 in the world. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. I’m coming to Bourg in sep and really want to go exploring up there? Traversette was a serious test on my physical endurance as well as the criteria extracted from Polybius and Livy. Feb 19, 2018 - Col de la Traversette (Colle delle Traversette) is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.398m (7,867 ft) above the sea level, located in the Cottian Alps, a mountain range in the southwestern part of the Alps, on the French-Italian border. 5.6 km - 451 m (121 m) - 2.2 %. Imposta la direzione crescente. Perfect. Piemonte – Cuneo – Valle Po. 12.54. Der Col de la Traversette (italienisch Colle delle Traversette) ist ein Pass in den Cottischen Alpen auf dem Weg von Crissolo nach Abriès, zwischen der Val Pellice und der Valle Po. 6.8 km - 451 m (152 m) - 2.2 %. Fortificazione di tipo Sere de rivieres fu costruita su uno sperone roccioso a circa 2.400 metri di quota in posizione dominante sul colle del piccolo s. bernardo che si trova circa 200 metri più in basso. Soon after the road arrives at the old fort at 2395 metres – just above Col de la Traversette. Pour vous rendre au Tunnel de la Traversette, il faut suivre le topo de rando du Col de la Traversette(1160 mètres de dénivelé, 4h20 d'ascension). So can you link the Col de la Traversette and Colle Belvedere and then come back down to the main Petit Saint Bernard Road? 7 diciembre, 2016. Nom équipement : Col De La Traversette Type équipement : Boucle de randonnée fam. The Col de la Bonette is situated in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. Rhone-Alpes, France. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. St.Bernard and call it a day. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. The Col de la Traversette (Italian: Colle delle Traversette) is a bridle pass with an altitude of 2,947 m in the Cottian Alps. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Col de la Traversette. Ordina per. This climb belongs to the Alps. Located between Crissolo and Abriès it represents the border between Italy and France and separates the Monviso (3,841 m) from the Monte Granero (3,171 m). 13073. Difficoltà: EE. [5] In particular, no Carthaginian artifacts (or elephant bones) attributable to the numerous fatalities suffered by the army have been found. Col de Mont, erreichbar über Col Traversette vom kleinen. In the 1950s, Gavin de Beer was the first to propose the pass as the likely site where Hannibal had crossed the Alps. Informations complémentaires : Type de site : Site naturel Nature du sol : Surface naturelle Date mise en service : Places en tribune : 0 Surface d'évolution : 0 m 2. From here I started climbing through the ski slopes eventually reaching the old ruined fort at Col de la Traversette – 2383 metres: Le Fort de la Redoute Ruinée. Con qualche precauzione ed una torcia elettrica si attraversa la galleria, sbucando sul versante francese . [1] However, eminent Polybian scholar F. W. Walbank rejected de Beer's theory in 1956. Avant les travaux de 2014, l'entrée côté français était souvent cachée par un névé et des éboulis. 2 elementi . Le Col en lui-même était le point de passage officiel du Tour du Viso (TMV). El paso tiene forma de brida y separa el Monte Viso (3.841 metros de altura) del Monte Granero (3.171 metros). Above the Golf course it becomes a very fun, wide gravel road: Before reaching the fort I first passed Col des Embrasures at 2303 metres. Belvedere di Viso-Buco di Viso/Col d. Traversette-Pian del Re Crissolo-auf GTA-Oncino-Cole di Cervetto-Sampeyre Übergang Varaita-Maira, Karte IGC 6 Casteldelfino-S. Anna-Valle Traversagne-Col del Chiausis, Colle Balma-auf GTA/U27-T11-La Colletta-Valle di Traversiera oder Alternative Casteldelfino-S. Anna-auf U26-GTA/U27-T11-La Colletta-Valle di Traversiera Grüsse Michael . La subida a Col de la Traversette dispone de unas vistas impresionantes. Con la rivoluzionaria e-MTB leggera hai il meglio che si poteva ottenere dai due mondi. Favorites. Quota minima m 2.020 – Quota massima m 2.954. De Beer ging unter anderem davon aus, dass Hannibal nach der Durchquerung der Rhône vielmehr die Aygues statt die Isère erreichte und dann der Drôme folgte. William C Mahaney fonde son passage du col de sortie en bout de la vallée du Guil, celui de la Traversette à 2947 mètres d’altitude, sur la présence en versant italien de névés [amas de neige permanent], localisables uniquement en haute altitude alors que Polybe précise bien que c’était exceptionnel, la neige étant tombée sur celle restant de l’année précédente. per pagina. Sulla sinistra si trovano subito le tracce (marcate da segnavia gialli) del sentiero che risale il pendio detritico fino al Colle delle Traversette. Mountain Bike. As with my previous ride, I first cycled from La Thuile, Italy to Col du Petit St. Bernard (2188m) on the main road. Quota partenza m 2.020 – Quota arrivo m 2.954. Il Forte de la Traversette o de la Redoute Ruinée fu costruito tra il 1890 e il 1902 sul luogo dove sorgeva un più antico forte sabaudo del 1600. Rome2rio makes travelling from Col de la Traversette to Turin easy. Prev 1 2 3... 708 Next. Puis laisser la direction du refuge vers la droite et prendre à gauche vers le col de la Traversette (itinéraire du Tour du Mont Viso). From here I started climbing through the ski slopes eventually reaching the old ruined fort at Col de la Traversette – 2383 metres: Le Fort de la Redoute Ruinée. Suite à la rénovation en 2014 du Tunnel de la Traversette, le Tour du Mont-Viso passe désormais par le tunnel, qui n'est plus obstrué par un névé et éboulis côté français (ce névé durait jusqu'à mi Août, une avancée en tunnel couvert a été construite). Col de Traversette ist ein Gebirgspass in Savoie und hat eine Höhe von 2409 Meter. Hay Surfing; Beers at Summits; Ten “Fun” Tunnels to Cycle in the Alps; Cows; My FLICKR Photos; Contact Me; Browsing: traversette. Col de la Traversette mountain pass. Se accede desde Francia, entrando en Italia para hacer cumbre y volviendo a Francia mediante una circular. The Col de la Bonette via Jausiers is ranked number 102 of the Alps. The 75 m long Monte Viso Tunnel (French: Tunnel de la Traversette, Italian: Buco di Viso) is a pedestrian tunnel constructed between 1478 and 1480 to bypass the Col. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Col de la Traversette 2,950 metres high Tested by: Wood Brother Sam. The Col de la Traversette (Italian: Colle delle Traversette) is a bridle pass with an altitude of 2,947 m in the Cottian Alps. Ordina per.

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