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• Can I marry him as a tourist? It seems to us however that the 6 months rule only applies to Aufenthaltstitel and not to Aufenthaltskarte. Did you email your questions in German? We submited to Auslanderbehorde documents according “3. is it possible to marry outside Germany and then present them the marriage certificate in germany?many thanks. Hi! Double check me on those but I think you should be okay. Basically it says all countries within the the EU/Schengen Zone can share information about your visa, and when you enter/leave the EU/Schengen zone. Becus my life in risk if i don’t get the card by May 2019, I am a Nigerian too living in Germany bro. Thanks for the info again. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. To me it seemed to be a gray area about registering your address in two weeks. The only other hope I can offer is that original Deutsche Welle article that says the German language requirement policy is against EU laws (http://www.dw.de/european-court-overturns-law-requiring-german-language-skills-for-spouse-visas/a-17772143). You may want to begin looking for a job in Germany. Basically I am wondering about the income requirement. I’m in stuttgart and applying for EU family member resident card next week. There are several ways her residence permit can qualify you for a residence permit, so you must read through that section (and the corresponding referenced sections) to see which case could apply to you. If I don’t have any address proof in Frankfurt and so on . My question is if I would like to know if I’m still eligible for the three years Naturalization of German spouse or is it that our rights in Germany are still based on EU Rights even during my Naturalization? Are there any other options or suggestions to bring my wife at the earliest.Also if possible some legal contacts that can help me.Appreciate all the help and many thanks in advance. So if he needs to talk to the foreign office, he must always come back home, or you do it for him. I was wondering how I would go about this. I dont know if i really need to apply for a long-term family reunion visa or a schengen visa is enough. Within Germany you are supposed to unregister with your local municipality once you leave the country, so this is one way the German authorities could tell you left the country. You can do it before those 90 days expire but once this 3 month period has expired you cannot cross the border and have to wait till you get the desicion. My questions are: back to comment directory. d) Registering at the rathaus was instantaneous, and then I sent in my documents to the landratsamt. Hello, Bevor Sie einen Termin buchen, lohnt sich ein Blick in unser Bürgerportal. Dear All You mentioned the 2 week requirement to register an address in Germany. I noticed there are few developed countries are exempted for having an non EU spouse to fulfill this language requirement. 2. You don’t need University certificate or C1. It provides for a few exceptions to this, the main one seems to be if you or your spouse is receiving social benefits. Thank You. ( Log Out /  Landratsamt’s Ordnungsamt or Rathaus’ Ausländerbehörde – Government office for your district, city, or region that manages the aufenthaltskarte application. – Can I apply even if she is not working? Please note that I’m just an average person who got a residence permit in Germany. [you can search for keywords on this page by pressing ctrl+f (cmd+f on an Apple)]. Ps- I don’t think there is need to register at the second burgerburo anyway, but it’s safe again in case of any benefits or other unforeseen circumstances that may come up! And if all good, your wife will be asked to provide one finger print and after that you will receive a pin code for your aufenthalskarte by post, and once you received, you can ring Ausländerbehörde again to ask them to arrange an appointment if the card is ready to pick OR maybe you can get sticker on your wife passport on the same day of your appointment in Ausländerbehörde which is depend on them or on your need. I guess I’m looking ahead and wondering what if any precautions we can take, if there are any benefits to my girlfriend being German, and what if anything we should do now rather than later? The other is applying for a residence permit for him (valid for 5 years by default as I understand) after you arrive to Germany. His research stay is not paid… (I think it is not even correct!! I’d like to take your route and be very appreciated if you can reply me! Hello, Does my wife have to register her stay first and then myself or can we do it together? So if you are been issue 6 months, 1 Year or 2 Years of Temporary Residence permit, I dont see reason why it should be a problem. Can you please help me out about that situation. And I have 3 months valid visa left on my student residents card which I can under normal circumstances Renew after it expires as a students. What kind of health insurance for a residence permit? My friend’s husband is from a german even Mine too,but here Application for family Reunion Visas 1month and 2 months sometimes ,even some friends of mine who applied before, she has to be calm and wait.thank you so much again, Who ever applied german national Visa?if you did how the Embassy or consulate had been informed you to collect your Passport?” Did they contact to come and get your visa? I mean I cannot imagine that other ppl can easily cover 700€ when arriving to Germany without knowing anyone. Again, when I moved to Germany last year, I was issued an AUFENTHALTESKARTE valid for 5 years and I have also started my German B1 Certificate and Orientation Course which I will finish in few months. My question is, how I can apply German residence card? Is it legal ? If you are, and your German spouse has been unregistered from Germany and registered in the UK or anywhere else in the EU for a few years (exercised her right of residence somewhere else), then I also think you are not required to meet the language requirement. Your spouse does not need to know any German to obtain a residence permit if. After the marriage I will have to apply for a residence permit right? My questions are: Is an EEA permit the best option for me? My Question is: If i get a marriage Date and I go to Ausländerbehorde, for how long my son and I’ll get a Visa? I work for an American company which has an office in Munich. Consequently, this was an area of concern for me as well. What I brought were printed off from my bank website. Aufenthaltstitel (residence permit), for which you can apply here (Ordnungsamt, Abt. Please let me know. @princess. Hello Soni, I understand that as a Taiwanese (same as Malaysian), we could enter Schengen Area for up to 90 days for tourism. Hello How longtime that took to get a Visa?my friend applied it and is now almost 2 months waiting the visa, she is a bit worried.thank you. Is there any exception to the language requirements A1 , if the foreign spouse is already in Germany and registered same address with his German spouse? Sorry to hear that KS, sounds difficult. Hallo, When I first went to the rathaus by myself it seemed they basically filled out the paperwork as much as they could with the information I provided but didn’t finalize it until about two weeks later when my wife and I both came into the rathaus. Good luck and I hope someone who is more familiar with your circumstances will offer useful information. I am from Venezuela South America , So non-EU, in that case, if I marry him: Since your case is on the contrary to what I learnt before that you actually just come here and register yourself first and then straightly went for applying residence permit. Germany is one of the most influential European nations culturally, and one of the world's main economic powers. If you did this you also might run into trouble when you finally did leave the EU/Schengen zone and the authorities see that you’ve been there longer than 90 days.\. You are lucky! for (grand)children, proof they are under 21 or dependent on you All they asked for at the time was a copy of my passport and that’s it, i keep hold of my passport at all time. Can i have good possibilities to take the residence permit of 5 year (Aufenthaltskarte) even without finding a job first ? We requested for an appointment at German Embassy Morocco to submit for the long term family reunification visa in Dec 2017 and we will get an appointment in Sep-Nov 2018 and 3 months to process.This information is from the german embassy website.I need to wait almost 1 year to bring my wife to Germany on family re-unification visa.We decided that let her visit me on short term visit visa and then go back and apply for the family reunification visa in sep-Nov 2018.They rejected the short term revisit visa also. I want to how can I get residence card of Germany . Obviously the brexit thing is throwing a lot of confusion into the air, should we consider looking at changing to a Blue Card? This may be the most help for you: If I understand correctly, the German law says that if your spouse has a normal job contract and you earn less than 500 euros per month, then your spouse’s health insurance company must let on to your spouse’s health insurance policy. I have not seen obligations pass German language for Non EU family members http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/residence/documents-formalities/non-eu-family-members-residence-card/germany/index_en.htm. As i have no jobs at the moment so i cant prove about 700 euros montly salary but i do have £4000 savings in my UK bank so i wonder if that helps towards the application to meet the financial requirements. In my own case, below are the list of documents I submitted to the Embassy and every documents as to have 2 copies each couple with the Original : – Application form Slightly nervous about overrunning this duration if I start this process upon arrival in Germany (particularly late in the year with assumed delays over the holidays, and given I’ve already had a few days in Europe). As long as your combined incomes are around something like 1000 euros per month (or if she is receiving social benefits, your income should be around something like 800 euros per month), then I think your biggest challenge will be translating your US marriage certificate into German with an official translator (just do a search for German government-approved translators)- and that’s not difficult. May God heal your pains. Hi, Best thing for you is to go to Denmark and marry her then go to German Embassy in Lagos or Abuja (Depend on what city u are) to apply for family reunion visa. There are however a number of exceptions to this principle. I don’t have a private insurance policy as in Spain I have my own social security card that gives me access to use public healthcare. How would I go about my application? It’s a relief that all I need to do as an EU citizen is register my address in Germany! Right now I believe the language requirement is as stated in the body of the website, and this can be confirmed here: http://www.bamf.de/EN/Migration/EhepartnerFamilie/ehepartnerfamilie-node.html. I really appreciate your effort. Note: If any of you as ever been married before and divorce, you need the “Divorce Decree” from the court of law that settle the divorce. Just thought i would share my one-month journey for obtaining residence permit in Germany through marriage to EU citizen. And since you are here based on marriage, whether u were been given 6 months, 1 year or either 5 years after 3 years you can apply for permanent/citizenship. And how long will take. Get your Czech Marriage certificate Apostilled and translated to German and you’re good to go. I see what you mean- from how it reads on the website it sounds like you would have to first live in Germany before your kids could apply. Yes, my understanding is that the spouse cannot sponsor you to come to Germany if the spouse receives social benefits (http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/englisch_aufenthg/englisch_aufenthg.html#p0351). %�쏢 At first I came Germany in Student Visa. If I show enough money to live for both of us? but what I understand is that he has a Turkish passport, so it means he possess Turkish nationality right? So we do not have an address just yet and will be moving up like a week before my job starts. You will notice there are five points on the list that apply to you to be eligible for permanent residence: –Having uninterrupted five-year legal residence in Germany apartment she pay 560. appreciate your help.Thank you Princess. Hope this helps. Actually, I came here as a student and I got married to German my bf. What are basing to get passport or wu card . My fiance is a german citizen living in germany and I’m an afghan national.what are the conditions for me to inter germany and how long it will take for me to get a permanent resident card ? and how long does the registration take? Hi All! @Zenab97 You need a lawyer to help you. my in-laws got Aufenthaltskarte cause they applied based on the EU free movement right). Please assist me.

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