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The pod system uses an internal 1500mAh battery and has a power range of 5-40W. Signs that you are getting close to needing to change your pods will be reduced flavor and vapor production from your vape pods. This is because they’re small, easy to use, and relatively cheap. Lost Vape’s Orion DNA Go is a refillable pod system, and the pod itself does hold about 3ml of e-liquid. They are fantastic coils, easily among the best coils in the pod market right now. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best pod system of the year, definitely the best pod vapes for sure. There’s also an RBA section, an RDTA attachment, and a 510 attachment. Yes, you can use both nicotine salt (“nic salts”) or freebase (“regular”) nicotine in a pod mod device. We got so many questions about the Smok Nord, Nord 2, Smok Nord X, and Novo 2, along with the RPM80 and the Suorin Drop vape systems that we decided it needed its own FAQ. There are a dozen different resin and patterned colors to choose from. The system has Type-C charging and does charge rather fast. The Vaporesso Target PM80 Pod Mod Kit is the perfect beginner hybrid device for vapers that demand quality. The two main parts to a pod are the cartridge and battery. Comment down below what you think the best pod devices are. The flavor I was able to get from the SMOK RPM 80 Pod Mod Kit has to be some of the best that I’ve ever experienced. It performs well as both a direct to lung and mouth to lung device. Get 15% off your first order with coupon code NEWMFS15! One of the best pod vape experiences to have around if you’re an active type. Quickly, the Lost Vape brand has established itself as a premiere developer of compact vaporizers, and the Orion Plus epitomizes the company’s broader and successful efforts. Select preferred settings via the two-button control panel. The Mi-Pod is not only an e-cigarette but also a fashionable accessory. The OLED indicator helps to warn users when the system needs to be plugged in and also has features to help protect the battery from short-circuits as well as 10-second cut-off protection so your device won’t overheat. The SE version is a little bigger and takes in a single 18650 battery. Disposable vape pods are great for transitioning smokers because they cost less than a reusable device. They made the Nfix in a simliar size to the Caliburn, but added a screen and adjustable wattage to make it just a slightly different pod vape experience. Filling it is quite easy too as the pods do feature a top fill port. Even though the screen is very small, Smok did a good job of keeping it simple and making it very clear and bright with its’ .54 OLED screen. If you purchase one of the many types of pod mods that can be refilled and have replaceable coils then the cost of maintaining your pod device goes down a lot. Another thing I liked was the maximum output of 80 watts and 0.001 second fire time. That’s why We Vape Mods have done the hard work for you and put together a top five list of the best pod systems 2020. The standout feature has to be the IP67 Rating which means it’s waterproof, shockproof, and also corrosive resistant. Shop the best pod systems, salt nicotine e-juice, vape juice, kits, and tanks! Best Pod System 2019-2020. The VOOPOO NAVI 40W Mod Pod is one of the latest hybrid devices to hit the market in 2020. Also is it reusable or disposable? We Vape Mods openly collaborate with brands and engage in affiliate marketing programs. The devices are usually thin, stick-shaped internal battery mods but some pod vapes now use external batteries. The organic cotton becomes saturated from the juice in your pod device and once you push the button to vape, the coil in your device heats up, creating vapor. Some devices offer different modes and also functions which can be controlled via a conventional button. This is a well-built, little pocket rocket that should give you many quality hours of vaping, definitely one of Aspire’s best pod vapes made for this year. This then heats up your eliquid and turns it into vapor. I have the smok nord pod system, it's been amazing so far! This box mod also has a 510 drip tip included with it, but will accommodate a favorite 510 drip tip that you have in your personal vape kit. One of the most comprehensive pod system kits of 2020, the Lost Vape Orion Plus has it all: compact dimensions, an array of end-user functionalities and gobs of power. A pod mod vape system is essentially a mini vaporizer. Most are draw activated, meaning you just suck on the mouthpiece and the pod mod will fire. One thing’s for sure; in this pod market, you could do a lot worse than the Smok P3 or P5. Not only do the coils have very good flavor, but they also have great longevity to them. It’s a fantastic little pod vape system that maintains the look of its big brother, which is not a bad thing. Uwell Caliburn basically set the standard for a very simple to use, very spartan portable vape pod system like this, but Smok took the ball and ran with it. The Smok Nfix cracks the top 5, and deservedly so. It’s by far the best pod mod released in 2020! Som good, a lot not so good and a selection that are superb. These refillable pod mods can be picked up from any good online vape store. For the vaping industry, 2020 is already promising to be a banner year. California Proposition 65 - WARNING: Products on this site can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. The Smok Nord, Smok Nord 2, Smok Nord X, and Smok Novo 2 are all good pod system vapes but we really felt that the 10+ devices above deserve their spot in the top 10. The screen is small, but is very clear and simple to use and manipulate. It takes everything you love about a box mod and incorporates it within a compact pod device. Vape Pod System - danh sách cập nhật toàn bộ các dòng pod system đẹp, có giá tốt và bán chạy nhất 2020 tại These ten pod systems below are your best options for enjoying your vaping lifestyle on a whole new level in 2020. If you want a pod system vape that has it all, then look no further! Get FREE Shipping for a LIMITED TIME only! It has a very good e liquid capacity for its size, and also has a smart chipset in its system, which makes it easy to use and lets you scroll fast when you adjust the temperature and wattage, but doesn’t do a number on your battery life; a definite plus. So far, I’ve seen that it’s available in 4 different colors, and all of them are stunning. It features a long-lasting 2000mAh battery, an ultra-compact design, and a durable finish. If there’s one kit they introduced that’s still alive in kicking in 2020, it’s the Nord Pod Starter Kit. knockaround kit. Refillable Pod Vapes and Closed Systems We have tried over 140 kits. All of these features make the Oxva Origin a winner in my book and one of the best pod vape experiences for 2020. If you’re a big fan of the Argus GT, then meet its’ baby brother. For most people who are new to vaping, pod vapes are going to be better. The cloud production was also very impressive for such a compact device. I also really like the bright color screen and the way Vaporesso laid it out; simple and fast scrolling. Best Prefilled Pod System 2020. Ease of use guaranteed. Pod systems or pod vapes are becoming increasingly popular amongst vapers these days because they are simple, compact and super easy to use. Now, let's have a look at the 5 best pod mod vapes in 2020. Many new vapers prefer prefilled pod system to refillable pod system because it’s super easy to use. All types of vapers can benefit from using a pod vape, especially the following. Both pod system takes RPM coils, as well as the new RPM2 coils (each unit will identify which one specifically). Our bronze pick is the Lost Vape Thelema. that should get you through the whole day without any issues if you are using a PNP coil. It’s sort of similar to the Voopoo Drag X; just as wide, but slimmer and sleeker. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Second on our top 5 pod mod list is the VOOPOO VINCI X. Vaporesso continue their vast roll out of new vaping gear in 2020 with another pod system, the Xiron! The coils for the BP80 are right up there with the PNP coils and the Vaporesso coils; plug-and-play and easy to use, the Aspire BP80 vapes very similar to both of those coil systems. The plug ‘n’ play cartridge can hold an impressive 3.7ml of eliquid. The Aegis Boost is another pod mod that was extremely popular due to it’s indestructible form factor. Pod mod vape systems operate basically the same way as other vaporizers and e-cigarettes. My personal favorite is the Argus GT because it’s the most versatile out of these bunch of pod vapes to vape. While we think pre filled devices can be one of the best vaping experiences for beginners, we have found that a lot of our readers and viewers (most of whom are experienced vapers) quickly feel restricted by pre filled pods and want to choose from the thousands of flavor options currently on the market. It's light, but heavy enough that it doesn't feel cheap.. But the coils aren’t replaceable coils though; when you burn your pod out, you have to throw that pod out, you cannot replace the coil. Puff Bar – Which One Is Better. This thing has some really nice labor. It is absolutely tiny! Taking the gold medals, the best pod vapes of the year are the Voopoo mods that take the PNP coils. I think Vaporesso did a very good job when it came to the aesthetics of the PM80 and PM80 SE; both come in an array of very classy and stylish colors. Pod vapes, also referred to as vape pods, mini vapes or pod systems, are designed for people who are new to vaping.A pod vape is a mini vape based on a two-part system: a pod filled with vape juice that snaps into a small battery. It takes in up to 3ml of e liquid pod capacity (nicotine salts, or nic salts, can be used on this device), does not leak, and the pod fits perfectly. And despite the difference in battery systems, the two pods basically vape the same because they take the same coils. A number of pod mod devices also use push the button to vape meaning you hold the button and inhale to get your nicotine hit. Now there are many types of pod devices on the market that can be refilled. While both of these have no adjustable airflow, the airflow on each pod vape is still very smooth. Being a ex-smoker of 15 years, I have personally experienced the real health benefits of vaping first hand. They’re perfect for slipping into a pocket or bag and using throughout the day or during a night out. Pod mod vape systems can also be convenient and easy to use.

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