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Wanda frequently suffers from possessions of evil and magic. She was therefore unfazed when Ultron killed Wolfgang von Strucker and was willing to send the Hulk on a rampage in Johannesburg, costing the lives of both soldiers and civilians. She continued to refuse to do so, but he begged her to, knowing it was the only way to thwart Thanos' plans. However, the two soon came under threat from Thanos and the Black Order, who sought the Mind Stone. Scarlet Witch, along with many other heroes, joined the Avengers in the battle against Thanos and his army by means of teleportation by the Masters of the Mystic Arts. However, War Machine managed to evade Giant-Man and pursued the two until Scarlet Witch started hurling large objects at him, keeping him from reaching the hangar. Originally serving Magneto as a member of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, along with her twin brother Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and her brother eventually abandoned the Brotherhood and sought out new lives as heroes by joining the … Once the Sentries were destroyed, the pair reported to Captain America and prepared for their next mission. She managed to temporarily contain the explosion around Crossbones and tried to move its impact away by propelling him into the air. A second shell then hit and landed three feet in front of them but did not go off; the Maximoff twins were left trapped in the rubble, staring at the unexploded shell reading the name Stark Industries on it. After a brief scuffle, Wanda was held back by Banner but she managed to escape his hold, only to witness Thor bringing the body to life. Having halted Black Panther's attacks, Scarlet Witch then tossed him away from Winter Soldier, keeping him safe.[2]. Her feelings grew strong to the point that she tried her best to protect him from Thanos and the Black Order despite being at a great disadvantage, and refused to kill him until there was no alternative, resisting even when he himself agreed that his death was for the greater good of the universe. Ultron forced Klaue to sell him his stockpile of vibranium and paid him billions of dollars. Rogers informed the Avengers that they are leading the civilians to the town hall. Scarlet Witch successfully subduing Iron Man. Her self-doubt and guilt over the mistakes she has made have at times led her to inaction, even though she is generally action-oriented. As Ultron's consciousness was being uploaded into the body, Wanda curiously took the opportunity to explore Ultron's mind and was horrified to learn of Ultron's true plans, which involved the genocide of humanity in its entirety. One night, Vision began to feel an alert from the Mind Stone in his forehead, so he asked Maximoff to use her powers to feel it. While Pietro went outside and engaged Hawkeye, Wanda stayed inside and defended Strucker. Vision apologized and informed Rogers that Tony Stark had arrived with Thaddeus Ross at the Facility.[2]. She has since starred in two self-titled limited series with husband the Vision and appears as a regular … As the Avengers privately discussed the Accords, Maximoff was unsure at the time whether she should sign or not but stayed mostly silent during the discussion. Maximoff was also provided with a new uniform to wear as an Avenger. After breaking his double-edged sword in half, Scarlet Witch suspended Thanos in the air, peeling off his armor and slowly tearing him apart. She attempted to enthrall Hawkeye but was subdued when he pushed a taser arrow onto her forehead. He reassured her, stating that she could never hurt him and repeating her earlier words, "I just feel you.". Despite her questionable … When using her telekinetic abilities, her irises glow a bright red color. Date of Death So, Hawkeye confirmed that only Captain America and Winter Soldier could get to Siberia while the rest of the team stayed behind. Overcome with rage and emotion, Maximoff left her post to avenge her brother, tracking down Ultron, who had been ripped out of the Quinjet by the Hulk and had crash-landed inside a bus. Moments before he was about to reply to her, Vision was attacked by Corvus Glaive and Maximoff was thrown away by an energy blast from Proxima Midnight before she could strike back at Glaive. Scarlet Witch arrived at the ruins of the Avengers Compound alongside Valkyrie, Korg, Miek and the rest of the Asgardians and Einherjar. Vision began suggesting that they form their own life together, which she was unsure about due to the promises they had made to their respective teams. The character was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, first appearing in The X-Men #4 (March 1964) in the Silver Age of Comic Books. Alignment- Good Actors/Actresses Elizabeth Olsen. The Maximoffs entered the Salvage Yard first and shut off the lights before disarming Klaue and confronting him. Having heard of them already, he noted that he was saddened to hear of Wolfgang von Strucker's death then mocked the pair for their reaction to learning of their mentor's murder. Scarlet Witch just saves Winter Soldier's life, When Black Panther and the Winter Soldier engaged in a fight, which Black Panther had the intent on killing him, Scarlet Witch managed to narrowly stop him by blocking his claws from tearing out the Winter Soldier's throat. Vision then comforted her as she understood what had to be done, still greatly upset about doing it. The two Avengers had a heart-to-heart about their powers and how they are feared by others, but when Maximoff tried to leave the facility, Vision stopped her, telling her that Stark had asked him to ensure she did not leave the compound until the debate with the Accords were over. Ultron revealed that he had taken over the base and was using it to create an army of Ultron Sentries. The Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, was sent to an asylum by her father Magneto shortly after her mutant powers emerged at a young age. The Maximoffs and the Avengers continued to be wary of Vision, with Scarlet Witch noting that she had seen the destruction of the world in its head. [2], Maximoff and Hawkeye are stopped by Vision. Tony Stark visited the prison to find out where Captain America went and was disturbed to see Maximoff's condition. Hawkeye was responsible for encouraging her to act in two separate situations where she is overcome by her guilt, that being the attack on Sokovia and his attempt to extract her from the Avengers' Compound. Ultron responded by attacking the team and the Maximoffs joined the fight. [1], Scarlet Witch arriving at the Avengers Facility. Gender As Ultron gave a speech to the people of Sokovia while flying outside the city, Scarlet Witch and the rest of the Avengers could only look on in fear as Ultron unleashed his seemingly unstoppable plan. Maximoff and Clint Barton jointly comfort, After the funeral, Maximoff reunited with Clint Barton. This means the user … Weapon Hex. Refusing to allow the people of Seoul to be put in danger, the Maximoffs decided to join the Avengers. They then went outside where Maximoff informed Vision of train times so that he could return to the Avengers Compound. Like the 1995–1996 "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, "House of M" replaced the Earth-616 as the main reality for a brief time until Scarlet Witch reverts to … She then watched in horror as Thanos used the Time Stone to restore Vision with the clear intent to rip the Mind Stone from his head. Hair- Auburn 2. Upon seeing that he was betrayed and outnumbered by his former teammates, Ultron responded by destroying the controls of the train before flying out the side door and escaping, leaving the Maximoffs and Rogers on the train going full speed as it headed to the end of the tracks. Maximoff using her abilities to stop the train. In the thick of the battle, an enraged Scarlet Witch, with the recollection of Vision's death still fresh in her memory, faced the Mad Titan herself and blamed him for his death. Scarlet Witch watches the restoration of Vision. Maximoff tells Vision to release Barton and that she is leaving; Vision tells her he can not allow her to. Being an alternate version of his prime counterpart from 2014, Thanos retorted that he did not know who she was. After an intense battle, Thanos and his entire army were defeated when Iron Man wielded the stones and snapped the forces out of existence, resulting in his own life being taken. However, she also is less inclined to hold back in a fight, even against fellow Avengers, as shown when she hurled Black Widow several feet when she attempted to overpower Hawkeye. Before she can give her official answer, she then noticed a SBN news report about an alien attack in New York City and Tony Stark being missing. Scarlet Witch Logs Scarlet Witch Attributes Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2 Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 5 Abilities Hex Bolts 7 Hex Spheres 7 Reality Manipulation 7 Advantages Agatha Harkness Family Gypsy Heritage Mystic Potential The Brotherhood Well Traveled Your Luck Just Ran Out Flaws Backlash Chaos … -Scarlet Witch to Thanos Wanda Maximoff is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her fraternal twin brother, Pietro. Comic The Scarlet Witch is a villainess-turned-heroine from Marvel's X-Men comics and media. Wanda Maximoff, known as Scarlet Witch, is the daughter of Magneto and the sister of Quicksilver and Polaris. WHiH Newsfront (footage)Team Thor (drawing) She was, however, disappointed that he was more loyal to Stark and the people of Earth than to her. NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic film series. She is first portrayed as a supervillain along with her twin brother Quicksilver as a … Following this, she quickly returned to Vision's side to protect him. Which Is Witch: Loki once disguised himself as Scarlet Witch Wunda Twins: Siblings who grew up on Wundagore Mountain Gallery. [1], The Maximoffs decide to assist the Avengers. By the time the twins reached adulthood, the United States of America had begun occupying Sokovia, pushing the country into a state of turmoil. The Scarlet Witch is a superheroine and occasional supervillain, published by Marvel Comics. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), Punisher killed Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires, Silver Surfer possessed the Infinity Gauntlet, The X-Men are the most popular team on Earth, Presence's irradiated men conquered Earth, World War between Imperial France and British Empire, Jocasta allowed Wanda to take over her body, Spider-Man's parents framed him for murder, Archeologists Zack and Lana found one of Spider-Man's Web Shooters, Xavier's secret second team survived Krakoa, Time Travel caused time-spread Spider-Man-duplicates, Marvel × Shōnen Jump+ Super Collaboration, Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past, Spider-Man: Battle for New York video game, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. As they stood around the key, Ultron hovered outside the church. (mentioned)WandaVision (unreleased) [1], Maximoff threatening Ulysses Klaue's mind. For all Images, Artwork, and Icons (Original and Alternate Uniform versions), see Scarlet Witch/Gallery. In … She and Pietro then agreed to join the Avengers stopping Ultron and saving Sokovia, where he would be enacting his final plan. Barton created an explosion outside to distract Vision. Additionally, she rarely uses her powers to deal out lethal force unless completely necessary, using her powers more often to incapacitate her opponents. [2], Tony Stark watches Scarlet Witch in her cell, After their defeat, Maximoff, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson and Scott Lang were arrested and imprisoned in the Raft, where she was the only one outfitted with a shock collar and put in a strait-jacket to prevent her using her powers. As a countless number of beings began to fade from existence, Scarlet Witch knelt over Vision's lifeless body in mourning before joining the multitudes of lost souls in being disintegrated. Her presence and movements were more deliberate and forceful, unlike the relative apprehension she displayed in her earlier appearances. First Large Icon. Relief came in the form of Captain Marvel, who destroyed the Sanctuary II with ease. Maximoff assured him that Romanoff did know, as well as Vision, too. To save himself from her wrath, he was forced to call in an air strike. Having become less aggressive and more reluctant to do harm, she has not been seen using her mental manipulation powers since joining the Avengers. Her anger leads her to be vengeful, as demonstrated when she volunteered for experiments to become a weapon against the United States and Tony Stark, seeking out Ultron's primary body in order to destroy him after he caused the death of her brother, and angrily telling Thanos that he could not understand her pain after she was forced to kill Vision in the attempt to stop him. Steve Rogers tried to assure the young woman that it was not her fault, saying he should have taken apart Crossbones' suicide vest before it went off. The Scarlet Witch began her career fighting the X-Men as a member of her father … Maximoff stood by Vision as he underwent the removal of the stone; however, she noticed the battle occurring outside, witnessing the arrival of Threshers, causing her to realize she had to be out there. Maximoff, Quicksilver and the rest of the Avengers regrouped at the church in the center of Novi Grad where Ultron had set up the key to the device that would cause the city to drop. The group all suited up and made their way to the Leipzig-Halle Airport where they would depart to Siberia.[2]. Wanda is a member of Magneto's Acolytes. He thanked Maximoff for having his back and Maximoff replied that she needed to get off her ass, reflecting what Barton told her earlier. Upon coming back to life and returning to Earth to fight against Thanos and his armies, Maximoff displayed an overwhelming vehemence towards the alien warlord, tempered by a subtle confidence. As Maximoff watched Vision, she sensed a presence behind her and launched a knife at the intruder, stopping her attack when she realized it was Barton. However, her presence of the battlefield allowed Proxima Midnight to notify Corvus Glaive that Vision was left unguarded by her. Hawkeye managed to lead her into a vacant building for safety. Scarlet Witch ye introducida na serie animada de X-Men de 1992, cola voz de Susan Roman. During one such riot, the Maximoffs were amongst the protestors approached by List, who offered them a way to achieve the power needed to end war in Sokovia. Movie However, Maximoff snuck up behind Rogers and used her powers to throw him down the stairs. 1. Scarlet Witch accidentally blows up a building, Scarlet Witch arrived at the scene when suddenly, Crossbones pulled the cord on his suicide vest in an effort to kill both him and Captain America. Although Pietro was killed during the ensuing Ultron Offensive, Wanda survived and became a member of the Avengers. Appearances Her action inadvertently allowed a single Ultron drone to activate the device, sending Novi Grad plummeting towards Earth with her still trapped inside. Scarlet Witch was a Mutant who could warp reality, alter probabilities and cause a "bad luck" effect to any person or place she signaled with her hand. The Scarlet Witch ( Wanda Maximoff) is a fictional comic book superhero that appears in books published by Marvel Comics. Due to her past affiliation with Ultron and her role in the destruction of Sokovia, Maximoff carried a deep fear of making mistakes and was frequently wracked with guilt and remorse. When the army of Ultron Sentries began their attack, Maximoff took up a defensive position on a bridge, shielding innocent civilians from enemy fire with her powers as they ran to safety, however, the firepower of the Sentries proved too strong and knocked her back. Born to a mutant father, imbued with sorcerous potential by a demon trapped in Wundagore Mountain, and raised by her adoptive gypsy parents, Wanda Maximoff's life was full of intrigue long before she became aware of her powers. [8], Maximoff watching the news report about her. Scarlet Witch apaez na serie animada de Los Vengadores de 1999 titulada The Avengers: United They Stand, cola voz … Alive However, when Klaue offended Ultron, the robot responded by cutting of Klaue's arm and kicking him down some stairs while Maximoff used her powers to keep Klaue's men from defending themselves. Web series Seeing this, War Machine used a Stark Sonic Cannon to knock her out, causing the tower to fall. Rogers meets up with Maximoff and Black Widow who asked why Maximoff was wearing her jacket. Scarlet Witch then left the room and made her way to the battlefield, where she saved Black Widow and Okoye by stopping the incoming Threshers and threw them on top of the Outriders. Karakter ini pertama kali muncul X-Men #4 (Maret 1964) dan dibuat oleh Stan Lee dan Jack Kirby. Wanda Maximoff, also better known by her alias Scarlet Witch, is a major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Upon seeing Stark's true fear of leading humanity down the path to global destruction, Maximoff allowed Stark and the Avengers to make off with the Scepter, despite Pietro's protests, with hopes that Stark's tampering with the alien weapon would lead to his own self-destruction. 1. Vision destroyed a traffic control tower so Captain America and Winter Soldier couldn't escape but Scarlet Witch used her powers to hold back the debris for them to pass. When the Avengers arrived in an attempt to stop them, Ultron and the Maximoffs mocked their efforts, ignoring Captain America's attempts to convince the Maximoffs that they still had a chance to walk away. Ultron then led them from the church and back to the HYDRA Research Base. Past possessors include: The Life Force, Chaos Magic, the demon Chthon, and once, accidentally, a spell cast by herself and Victor von Doom. HYDRA then used the Ultimo to attack a small village. At the age of ten, while having dinner with her family, a mortar shell hit their apartment building, killing Maximoff's parents and trapping her and her brother. When she brought up the fact that she would be hunted if they didn't sign, Vision assured her that they would protect her. Despite being wanted fugitives, Rogers told Stark that should he ever need their help, all he would have to do is ask. Due to childhood trauma from seeing her parents killed right in front of her, and the constant war-like state of her home, Wanda Maximoff had developed a very aggressive personality. 2. Captain America then ordered them to make their way to the IFID to stop the attack. Scarlet Witch was about to join the fight, but Vision told her that she had to destroy the stone. She is first portrayed as a supervillain along with her twin brother … She claimed that all she felt was him and the two embraced each other. The Maximoffs took new uniforms and joined the Avengers on the Quinjet as Rogers gave a speech where he informed the team that their priority was getting the innocent people of Sokovia out of harm's way before Ultron could destroy their homes and lives. Scarlet Witch is a veteran playable character who debuted in X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse and return in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The twins attempted to escape Seoul, but as they made their way through the city, they spotted a news report showing that the Avengers were battling Ultron and his army in the middle of the city, endangering thousands of lives. Scarlet Witch positioned herself at a café, where she described the police station in the area, trying to uncover Crossbones' plan as part of her training from Black Widow, who was teaching her spy techniques. Alias(es) Wanda and her brother Quicksilver were the half-siblings of Polaris and the children of Magneto, bri… Scarlet Witch is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye clear the Sentries. In response Ultron threw Klaue through a window and introduced himself. There they reunited with James Rhodes, who rebelled against Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross, and Bruce Banner, who had returned to Earth. She then struck him with a separate stream of energy to stall him further, slowing him down significantly, before managing to destroy the Stone just as he was about to reach them. Maximoff grew to care for Vision during their time together. Witchfire Prime Marvel Universe . They soon learned that Crossbones was planning to instead attack the Institute for Infectious Diseases and steal a biochemical weapon. スカーレット・ウィッチ(英: Scarlet Witch)、またはワンダ・マキシモフ(Wanda Maximoff)は、マーベルコミックスが出版するコミック作品に登場する架空のスーパーヒーローである。 初登場は『X-MEN』第4号(1964年3月)であり、スタン・リーとジャック・カービーにより創造された。 She lives in the metal palace with her family, and does not appear to leave the island of Genosha. Wanda Maximoff was born in the Eastern European country of Sokovia along with her brother, Pietro. With the train now completely out of control and heading to the middle of the city, Rogers ordered Maximoff to stop it, while Pietro moved any civilians out of its path. [3], Scarlet Witch being told to destroy the stone, Vision then sensed Thanos' arrival, causing everyone to be prepared, as they witnessed him appear through a portal. When Vision again became subdued, Maximoff rescued him from Glaive and attempted to escape with Vision again by flight, but the two were blasted out of the air by Proxima Midnight and cornered in an empty train station. Weight- 121 lbs 1. Despite Vision's persistence, Bruce Banner produced an alternative idea that entailed removing the stone, keeping Vision alive through the other components of his creation. Klaue remained unimpressed by the Maximoffs. Rogers told Scarlet Witch to get the people out from hiding, and for Barton to watch her back. Spring 2018 (victim of the Snap; resurrected by Hulk in 2023) Species As Captain Marvel collected the Nano Gauntlet from Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch joined her, alongside other female heroes, in breaching through the enemy lines to reach Luis' van and return the stones to their rightful places in time. Maximoff displays her abilities towards Vision, While the other Avengers left to deal with Winter Soldier and attend the meeting in Vienna, Maximoff stayed at the facility under the watch of Vision. 1 Role in Game 2 Personality 3 Quotes 4 Gameplay 4.1 Moveset 4.2 Abilities 4.3 Fighting Style 5 Gallery 6 External Links "I am accustomed to chaos, but this realm makes even … The ordeal with Ultron having finally passed, Maximoff was recruited into the Avengers' roster along with James Rhodes, Vision and Sam Wilson as a permanent member of the team. The building started to crumble, trapping Wanda and Pietro inside as they hid under a bed. During the Avengers Civil War, she sided with Captain America and was briefly imprisoned in the Raft before Rogers freed her along with his teammates. [2] As she teared up in the streets, Black Widow arrived to comfort her. [3], Scarlet Witch rejoins the fight against Thanos. Scarlet Witch is inspired by Hawkeye's words, However, Barton brushed aside Maximoff's guilt for the time being and simply responded that she needed to make a choice: either stay hidden and wait for her brother to take her somewhere safe or continue the battle. [2], Maximoff regroups with Steve Rogers in Berlin. The two received superpowers as a result, … Wanda found Pietro handing out items he had stolen, including an expensive dress to Zrinka. The two received superpowers as a result, with Wanda attaining various abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, and energy manipulation. Eventually, Klaue told the pair that he would have no respect for them if Wanda used her powers to make him see what he feared, a cuttlefish, and he wished to speak to the man in charge. When using her telepathic abilities, Maximoff's irises glow a dark red color. The two fought off the alien, as Scarlet Witch recovered from the powerful blow she received. Distracted, Vision accidentally grazed War Machine's arc reactor, disabling the suit and causing him to fall from the sky--paralyzing him upon impact, therefore letting Captain America and Winter Soldier fly away to Siberia. Ross showed footage from battles that the Avengers fought in, showing the destruction and death that followed. Maximoff used her powers to put a defensive barrier between Ultron and Rogers by twisting the metal bars inside the train while Pietro knocked him down. The team agreed but Quicksilver insisted that he would not leave her behind, but she ordered him to continue getting the people to the boats and only come back for her at the last minute, insisting she could handle the responsibility.[1]. She has shown a willingness to kill her enemies in extreme circumstances, as shown when she telekinetically threw a carving knife at a perceived assailant before realizing it was Hawkeye, and when she purposefully lifted Proxima Midnight into a Thresher and shredded her to stop the latter from killing Black Widow. Scarlet Witch Ella fai una apaición especial nel episodiu "Family Ties" según un cameo al pie del so hermanu nel episodiu "Repo Man". Crimson Curse MC2 . [1] HYDRA collected many of the parts of the destroyed Ultron Sentries and took them to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, where they used the parts to create a giant robot called Ultimo. The two teams stood on opposite sides of each other as they prepared to fight.[2]. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Scarlet Witch 4 Zatanna 5 Death Battle 6 Results 7 Next Time on Death Battle! Wanda was initially skeptical, but ultimately convinced by Pietro to agree to the experiments to gain new powers. However, this could not be done by Banner, so Rogers suggested that they go to Wakanda. Red Lash Prime Marvel Universe . With everyone back to life and Thanos defeated, a funeral was held for Tony Stark at the Stark Residence, which Maximoff attended along with her fellow Avengers. Scarlet Witch clears the gas from the building. Maximoff's powers are reliant on movement and focus, which means her enemies or opponents can stop her from using her powers by disrupting her focus or restricting her movements. Is younger than the rest of the Avengers). Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna is a What-If? [2], Rogers eventually infiltrated the Raft and freed Maximoff, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson and Scott Lang from their cells. Antimony Amalgam pocket universe . [3], Scarlet Witch joining the battle in Wakanda. The two were interrupted by Vision, who Maximoff scolded for once again phasing through the wall to get into her room instead of using the door. Pietro saved her in the nick of time, throwing Hawkeye through a window and taking her outside Klaue's base to recover. The being introduced himself to them, calling itself Vision. The Maximoff twins then accompanied Captain America back to the Avengers Tower and found Maximoff's fear to be accurate; Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were trying to upload the consciousness of J.A.R.V.I.S. Although Maximoff's comic book moniker, Scarlet Witch, was never spoken by anyone during the course of the films, Maximoff plays the acoustic guitar, as evidenced by the presence of one in her room at the, Despite the rights to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being formerly shared between, Wanda Maximoff speaks with a thick Eastern European accent in. Crossbones taunted Captain America and claimed that the Winter Soldier had hired him to steal the biochemical weapon, once again under HYDRA's mind control. 1. Likely at least High 7-C with Psionics | At least 9-B physically.

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